10 Interesting Flute Facts

Tuesday, January 28th 2014. | Entertainment

Flute facts become the major concern if people really love to play music instrument. Flute is unique. It can be the choice for any people who want to learn basic instrument for music. Learning the facts can even help you further indeed.

Flute Facts 1: the player

Who are people that love to play flute? The musician who loves to play flute can be referred as flautist, flute player, and also flutter. Yet, different language has different reference about it indeed. This is basic to notice as well.

Flute Facts 2: size of flute

If you conduct review out there, you may find out many different sizes and types of flute. They are alto, tenor, piccolo, bass, and also contrabass flute. Therefore, you need to suit your preferences first before playing flute.

Flute facts

Flute facts

Flute Facts 3: standard concert flute

There is standard concert flute which commonly used among professional. In fact, the flute is pitched within the C key. If it is about the octave, it has approximately 3 octaves.

Flute Facts 4: alto flute

Some people also use alto flute. If it is about alto flute, it is pitched in G key. The way people use alto flute may vary from each others.

Flute Player

Flute Player

Flute Facts 5: material

If you concern about the material, there are many different materials used to make flute. Based on history, there have been many materials used including wood, bone, glass, resin, ivory, plastic, and brass, resin, silver, platinum, gold, and also silver. Each different material has different durability indeed.

Flute Facts 6: modern western flute

There was a person named Theobald Boehm. He really helped the society by inventing modern Western flute. He improved the design of flute as well as the system of fingering. It was between the year 1831 and 1847. Many flute players later had adopted his design around 19th century.

Flute Types

Flute Types

Flute Facts 7: famous people

There were some famous people who love to play flute. They are Leonardo da Vinci, James Madison, and also George Washington. They really love to play flute actually.

Flute Facts 8:  earliest instruments

It is true that flute can be considered as the earliest instruments. Even from 35,000 years ago, flute had been played in Germany.



Flute Facts 9: different flute in cultures

It is no doubt; flute is different in each culture. In Japan, the famous traditional flute is called Shakuhachi.

Flute Facts 10: the flute word

The first use of “flute” word was used within 14th century.



Studying facts about Flute will be fun. Especially if you are flute player, information above can really help you right?

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