10 Interesting Telescope Facts

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Telescope Facts tell you about a tool that the people can use to observe the far away object by using the electromagnetic radiation. At the beginning of 17th century, the first known practical telescopes were made in the Netherlands. The instruments featured the glass lenses. Telescope is mainly used for astronomy and terrestrial application. Let’s find out other interesting facts about telescope below:

Telescope Facts 1: the usage of mirror

Mirror was used to create the first reflecting telescope a few decades ago. The people invented different kinds of telescope in 20th century. In 1960s, there was an infrared telescope, while the radio telescopes were invented in 1930s.

Telescope Facts 2: the usage of telescope

Today, the people can use telescope for various purposes. It can be used not only to observe the objects. The people can also apply it for detecting the electromagnetic spectrum.

Telescope Facts

Telescope Facts

Telescope Facts 3: Giovanni Demisiani

Giovanni Demisiani coined the word telescope in 1611. He was the Greek mathematician. He used the word to call one of the instruments made by Galileo Galilei at the Accademia dei Lincei.

Telescope Facts 4: the meaning of the word telescope

As I have state before, the word telescope was taken from ancient Greek word. The word tele means far, while the word skopein means to look or to see.

Telescope Pic

Telescope Pic

Telescope Facts 5: the refracting telescope

In 1608, the refracting telescope in the Netherlands was considered as the earliest recorded working telescopes.

Telescope Facts 6: the development of the refracting telescopes

There were three people who took the credit for the development of the refracting telescope in the Netherlands. Those were Jacob Metius of Alkmaar, Hans Lippershey and Zacharias Janssen. The latter two persons were spectacle makers in Middelburg. Get facts about Space Exploration here.



Telescope Facts 7: Galileo

In June 1609, Galileo heard the news about the telescope. In just one month, he could make his own telescope.

Telescope Facts 8: the celestial objects

The people are very interested to check the celestial objects. The telescope of Galileo could be used to observe the celestial objects like moons, stars and planets. Find facts about radiation here.



Telescope Facts 9: the types of telescopes based on the wavelength

Some telescopes are created based on the wavelength. Those include the optical telescope, X-ray telescope, infrared telescope, X-ray optics, and ultraviolet telescope.

Telescope Facts 10: Spitzer Space Telescope

You can observe the wavelength around 0,003 mm to 0.18 mm by using Spitzer Space Telescope. It employs the reflecting optics or mirrors.

Facts about Telescope

Facts about Telescope

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