10 Interesting Tehran Facts

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Tehran Facts talk about capital of Iran. The wider metropolitan area of Tehran is inhabited by 16 million people. The city itself is the home for 9 million people. That is why it takes the status as the most populous city in the country. In the Middle East, it is the third largest metropolitan area. In Western Asia, it gains the status as the second most populous city. You will know the history and other unique facts about Tehran by checking the following post below:

Tehran Facts 1: Tehran in Classical period

A Median city during the classical period occupied some parts of the present-day Tehran. In the beginning of 13th century, the Mongols destroyed the city.

Tehran Facts 2: as the capital of Iran

Agha Mohammad Khan of the Qajar dynasty selected Tehran as the capital of Iran in 1796.  Then the capital of Iran was changed several times.

tehran facts

tehran facts

Tehran Facts 3: the imperial dynasties of Iran

The last two imperial dynasties of Iran, the Qajars and Pahlavis were seated in Tehran. There is no need to wonder that the city is a home to various collections of imperial objects. Check facts about city of Derby here.

Tehran Facts 4:  Tehran in 1920s

In 1920s, the city experienced the major demolition. However, it was reconstructed again. Since 20th century, Tehran has been a major place for the mass migration for the people all over the country.

tehran map

tehran map

Tehran Facts 5: the notable landmarks

Tehran has various prominent landmarks that you will never forget when you come to the city. In 2007, the 17th tallest freestanding structure in the world was built in Tehran. It is called the Milad Tower. Another structure is the Azadi Tower. This structure was constructed during the Pahlavi period where it serves as a memorial. If you want to spot the contemporary building in the city, check the Tabiat Bridge. In 2014, the construction of the bridge was completed.

Tehran Facts 6:  the language in Tehran

Persian is considered as the common language spoken by the people who live in Tehran.



Tehran Facts 7: transportation

There are various means of transportation to find in Tehran. Mehrabad and Khomeini international airports are available to serve the journey.

Tehran Facts 8: moving the capital city

The exposure of Tehran to earthquakes as well as the high level of air pollution in Tehran pronounced a plan to move the capital city into another region. Get facts about Lille here.

facts about tehran

facts about tehran

Tehran Facts 9: the climate

The semi-arid climate based on the Koppen climate system is best to define the condition in Tehran.

Tehran Facts 10: summer and winter seasons

The winter is cold and wet, while summer is dry and hot.

the azadi tower tehran

the azadi tower tehran

Are you impressed after reading facts about Tehran?


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