10 Interesting Lille Facts

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Find out the information about a city located in northern France on Lille Facts. Have you visited this beautiful city before? Based on 2009 census, Lille was inhabited by 226,827 people. It serves as the capital for Hauts-de-France region. The location of this city is close to the border between France and Belgium. In France, it takes the record as the four largest urban areas. Here are other interesting facts about Lille to notice:

Lille Facts 1: the climate in Lille

The climate in the city is temperate oceanic climate. This city is filled with high amount of precipitation all year around. During the winter season, the temperature may fall below the freezing line. Get facts about the Gold Coast here.

Lille Facts 2: the major financial sources

The major financial sources for the city in the past were centered on the finance, retail industry, textile manufacturing, food industry and mechanical industry.

Lille Beauty

Lille Beauty

Lille Facts 3: the income

The history states that Lille has been a wealthy city. The people also recognize it as a city of merchants for centuries. However, poverty and wealth were seen side by side in the city until the late 1800s. Find facts about the City of Derby here.

Lille Facts 4: the employment

In 2006, almost 91 percent of employment in Lille was centered on service sector. The city is moving toward the industry to service sector.

Lille at Night

Lille at Night

Lille Facts 5: the architectural design

The brown and red brick is the main feature that you can spot in many architectural designs in Lille. It was included in Flemish design.

Lille Facts 6: the residential neighborhood

There are several houses in the residential neighborhood which have two or three story design. They are completed with small gardens at the back. All of them are arranged in beautiful row. It is considered as a unique style in France. Probably it was influenced by the location of Lille at the border of France and Belgium.

Lille Pictures

Lille Pictures

Lille Facts 7: the point of interest

There are various points of interest that you can visit when you are in Lille. Those include Jardin des Plantes de Lille, Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille, Lille Cathedral and Jardin botanique Nicolas Boulay.

Lille Facts 8: braderie

You can come to Lille during the first weekend in September to watch the yearly braderie.

Lille France

Lille France

Lille Facts 9: the spectators for the annual braderie

There are 2 until 3 million people who come to Lille to watch annual braderie. In Europe, it is considered as the largest flea market.

Lille Facts 10: the inner city

The inner city of Lille is dominated with traders, local shops, and residents having their stalls on the street. The view reminds you with an old town.

Lille Facts

Lille Facts

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