10 Interesting Coober Pedy Facts

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If you want to the detail weather, scenery and interesting places in Coober Pedy, you have to check Coober Pedy Facts below. This town is very legendary in Australia. When people want to travel between Alice Springs and Adelaide, they always consider Coober Pedy as the half point to take a rest. Here are facts about Coober Pedy for you:

Coober Pedy Facts 1: population

It is estimated that Coober Pedy is inhabited y 3500 people. If you are interested to come to Coober Pedy, you can come here between October and March every year. The town sits on the elevation of 774 feet or 226 meters above the sea level.

Coober Pedy Facts 2: the nearby towns

There are several nearby towns around Coober Pedy. Alice Springs is located 427 miles away. Melbourne is located 969 miles away from Coober Pedy.

Coober Pedy Australia

Coober Pedy Australia

Coober Pedy Facts 3: the winter and summer season

During the winter season, you can find dry and cool weather. The summer season is very hot and dry. This area has the desert like climate.

Coober Pedy Facts 4: the mild weather

Coober Pedy has the mild and nice weather in April to October. You can visit it in those months.  During the night, the average temperature is 68°F or 20°C. The summer temperature is around 96.8 °F or 36°C.

Coober Pedy Facts

Coober Pedy Facts

Coober Pedy Facts 5: shops

You can find a lot of interesting shops in Coober Pedy. Most of them are located in Hutchison Street. Don’t forget to visit the unique underground bookshop.

Coober Pedy Facts 6: opals

One of the famous items that people like to see is the opal. You can find opal shops in Coober Pedy.

Coober Pedy Pictures

Coober Pedy Pictures

Coober Pedy Facts 7: the underground hotel

You can also sport the underground hotel in Coober Pedy. If you visit the city, it is a must to stay on the underground hotel. It can be a lifetime experience. The price of the hotel is various. You can choose the four star hotel until the backpacker hotel.

Coober Pedy Facts 8: name

The city is called Coober Pedy which means white man’s hole.  The name was derived from the aboriginal term kupa piti.

Coober Pedy Travel

Coober Pedy Travel

Coober Pedy Facts 9: location

Let’s find out the location of Coober Pedy. It is located 846 km north of Adelaide. The city is in the northern part of South Australia. Check facts about Australian here.

Coober Pedy Facts 10: nickname

Coober Pedy is called as the opal capital of the world. If you visit it, you can spot a lot of opal mines here.

Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy

On 1 February 1915, the first opal was discovered in Coober Pedy. Are you impressed with facts about Coober Pedy?

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