10 Interesting Luton Facts

Tuesday, June 24th 2014. | Cities

Let’s find out interring cities in the world by reading Luton facts. There are many famous places that you can visit when you spend the time in Luton. You can enjoy the ancient building and castles here. Find out the scenic view and attraction in the town of England by reading the post below:

Luton Facts 1: location

Do you know the location of Luton? It is situated in the area of Bedfordshire, England. If you are in London and you want to reach this town, you just have to go 50 km to north of London. Get more facts about London here.

Luton Facts 2: sport history

Luton is filled with sport history because it is the home of League 2 team Luton Town Football Club.  Since 1905, Kenilworth Road stadium is used as the office home base for the club. Talking about the victory, it was the winner Football League Cup triumph in 1988.

Luton Facts

Luton Facts

Luton Facts 3: the population area

If you want to know the population of the people in Luton, you need to check the people who live in Luton/Dunstable Urban area. It is the home of 258,000 people. You need to know that Luton/Dunstable Urban Area is formed by combining Luton with Dunstable and Houghton Regis.

Luton Facts 4: University of Bedfordshire

Luton has its own university. It is called University of Bedfordshire.

Luton Image

Luton Image

Luton Facts 5: London Luton Airport

In 1938, London Luton Airport was opened for public for the first time. Now this airport is very important for the transportation in England. During WW II, the RAF was based on the airport.

Luton Facts 6: Luton carnival

If you want to enjoy a wonderful festival, you need to see Luton Carnival. It is considered as the largest one day carnival in Europe.  You can see it during Whitsun May bank holiday.

Luton Map

Luton Map

Luton Facts 7: Vauxhall Motors

Luton is famous with its Vauxhall Motors. This is one of the largest factories. It has the head office in Luton. This factory produces commercial vehicles.

Luton Facts 8: earliest settlements

You can trace the earliest settlement in Luton 250,000 years old ago. It was occurred in Paleolithic encampments at Round Green and Mixes Hill.

Luton Pic

Luton Pic

Luton Facts 9: hat making

If we talk about the history of Luton, you can link it with hat making industry. The hat industry dominated the city in 18th century. Today, there are many small scale industries producing hats.

Luton Facts 10: Luton Hoo memorial park

Once, Luton Hoo memorial park was the Bailey Water tower. It was built in 1900.



Talking about the climate in Luton, you can feel the marine climate.  The rainfall rate is around 27.5 inches or 698 mm annually. Do you have opinion on facts about Luton?

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