10 Interesting Puberty Facts

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If you want to know the amazing teenage phase experienced by boys and girls, look at Puberty Facts. What is puberty actually? It marks the fertility of boys and girls. It means that they are sexually mature now. It is not easy to define the puberty period since it varies among the individual. Get more facts about puberty here:

Puberty Facts 1: the period of puberty

Even though the puberty period is varied, most boys reach their puberty phase at the age of 12 and 16 years old. The girls often face puberty when they are 10 to 14 years old. But some girls often have precocious puberty. It means that their puberty time is earlier than the average time.

Puberty Facts 2: the beginning of puberty

The beginning of puberty is determined mostly by the body composition and body fat. When boys and girls are in this phase, they will experience rapid growth and second sex characteristic development.

Puberty Facts

Puberty Facts

Puberty Facts 3: the African American girls

As I have stated before, most girls have puberty when they are 10 to 14 years old. But most African American girls often face it earlier when they are 9 to 14 years old.

Puberty Facts 4: the earlier phase of menstruation

Today, the girls face the earlier phase of puberty. In 1900, most girls reached the puberty when they were 15 years not. In 1990s, the girls who had puberty were in the age of 12 years not. Now the girls, who are in 10 years old, often face puberty. The main reason is the nutritional and environment influence which enable the girls to have earlier stage of puberty.

Puberty Pictures

Puberty Pictures

Puberty Facts 5: changes on the girl’s body

The signs of puberty can be seen on their body. The girls will have bigger breasts, rounder figure and have taller posture.

Puberty Facts 6: the hair

The girls may also notice the hair in some parts of the body such as the armpit and pubic hair. It means that the body prepares for the beginning of menstruation. The changes in the girl’s body are because of the increase on estrogen hormones.

Puberty Understanding

Puberty Understanding

Puberty Facts 7: a training bra

If the breast is getting bigger, it will be better if the girls wear a training bra first which can give support.

Puberty Facts 8: testicles

The first sign that a boy can feel in the beginning of puberty is the increased size of testicles. The boys also have bigger muscle and body. Find out facts about muscle here.



Puberty Facts 9: other signs

Other sign of puberty on boys are seen on the growth of pubic hair and enlargement of penis. The boys or girls will develop a love interest with other sex. Get facts about love here.

Puberty Facts 10: voice

The voice of the boys is different when they are in puberty phase. They have deeper voice.

Facts about Puberty

Facts about Puberty

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