10 Interesting Dream Facts

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Get more dream facts in the post below. Dreaming is considered as unique natural activity that each person every experiences in their life. It is stated that people can dream each night when they sleep. Moreover, the morning sleeping comes with the longest dream for about 30 to 45 minutes. Find out more about dream here.

Dream Facts 1: analysis

It seems that modern and ancient people are interested with dream. Based on the report during Roman era, people have to submit their dream to the Roman senate so that the members of the senate can do an analysis for everyone’s dream.

Dream Facts 2: dream and memory

It is hard to believe that we always forget 90 percent of our dream when we wake up. If you don’t trust me, you just have to try to remember the kind of dream that you have last night. Can you remember it?

cat sleeps

cat sleeps

Dream Facts 3: blind people

Not only the normal people, but also the blind people dream. However, they have different dreaming quality. There is no images in their dream is they are natural born blind. It usually affects the sense of touch, smell, emotion and sound.

Dream Facts 4: everybody dreams

As I have stated before everybody dreams including kids and adults. But the people who have psychological disorder do not have a dream.

Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

Dream Facts 5: faces

It is impossible to assume that you have the faces that you have not already known to feature in the dream. In fact, you already know all faces that you have in the dream.

Dream Facts 6: color in dream

The TV color affects the dreaming style of the people in the past. Most people have the white and black dream color due to the invention of black and white TV. Now people dream in color since technology is changed.

Dream Sleep

Dream Sleep

Dream Facts 7: symbolic dreaming

Dream is a special subject that you can learn in your study. Each dream has symbols that you can study.

Dream Facts 8: anxiety

Most people think that dream has negative effect than the positive one. The common emotion that they feel when they have dreamed is anxiety.

Dream facts

Dream facts

Dream Facts 9: number of dream

In one day, people can experience more than one dream. It can in four to 7 dreams. The dream can last for about 2 hours each night.

Dream Facts 10: dream on animal

Experts believe that animal also dreams just like human being.   The scientists make a research by comparing the brain waves that animals have with the one of human being.



REM or Rapid Eye Movement is very well known when people study about the dream. During this event, you cannot move the body since you feel paralyzed. Do you have any objection on facts about dream?

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