10 Interesting Einsteinium Facts

Wednesday, January 8th 2014. | Science

Einsteinium facts give you the information about one of the important elements in the periodic table. If you love with chemistry, you must know about this element. Just like its name suggested, the name was inspired from the genius Einstein. Find out the complete facts about Einsteinium below:

Einsteinium Facts 1: the rare earth element

I say that Einsteinium is one of the rare earth elements. It is included in the Actinide series. If you see the periodic table, this element is located in the Group 3 located in the sixth and seventh period.

Einsteinium Facts 2: The Rare Earth Elements

The rare earth elements come in two options. Those are the actinide and lanthanide series. The element that you can find on the actinide series is manmade or synthetic material.



Einsteinium Facts 3: identification

The first person who identified the element was Albert Ghiorso. It was in 1952 that he did it in University of California, Berkeley with another team from Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA headed by GR Choppin.

Einsteinium Facts 4: atomic number

The atomic number for Einsteinium is 99.  In period table, you can see that the symbol of Einsteinium is Es.

Einsteinium Element

Einsteinium Element

Einsteinium Facts 5: the melting point

Einsteinium has the melting point of 860 degree Celsius or 1,580 F.  The atomic weight of this element is around 252.  Experts still could not identify the boiling point of this element.

Einsteinium Facts 6: word origin

The name Einsteinium was derived from the famous theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein.

Einsteinium facts

Einsteinium facts

Einsteinium Facts 7: discovery

The discovery of this element was kept under wrap because of the cold war tension between the US and Soviet Union. This order was taken from granted until 1955.

Einsteinium Facts 8: transuranic element

Einsteinium was the 7th transuranic element found in US.  The scientists find it very difficult to get the X-ray crystallographic data because this element owns the self irradiation features.



Einsteinium Facts 9: isotopes

The scientists observe that there are 16 isotopes of Es. It also has 3 isomers with the mass of the atom in range of 241 to 256. 252Es is considered as the most stable isotope.

Einsteinium Facts 10: experiments

When people conduct experiment with Einsteinium, people only use a small amount of Einsteinium because the scientists will be overly exposed by the self radiations effect on this element.

Es Element

Es Element

The main usage of Einsteinium is for scientific study. The experts use it or find out the radiation and aging damage studies. Do you think that facts about Einsteinium are helpful?

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