10 Interesting Leap Year Facts

Sunday, June 8th 2014. | Science

Leap Year facts give you unique information about the event which happens on the leap year.  A leap year is a special year for people because it comes in February 29th. Some people consider that 29th February bring bad luck, while others do not agree with the opinion. Learn more fact about leap year below:

Leap Year Facts 1: Queen Margaret of Scotland

The proposal of 29th February comes up on the head of Queen Margaret of Scotland when she was only 5 years old.  A man who refused the proposal will be fined with twelve pairs of gloves, a silk dress and a kiss.

Leap Year Facts 2: a bad luck

The people in Greece consider e a leap year as a bad luck for marriage.  Therefore, one of five couples avoids the leap year to get married.

Leap Year Facts 3: date of birth

The people who were born in 29th February can only celebrate their birthday once in four years. The people born on the date are called leapers or leaplings.

leap year calendar

leap year calendar

Leap Year Facts 4: famous people

There are some famous people born in the leaps years.  Ja Rule, the rapper and Lord Byron, the famous poet from England were born on 29th February.

Leap Year Facts 5: Leap Year Capital of the World

Leap Year Capital of the World was proclaimed by Anthony, Texas. This festival is wonderful and entertaining because people will be guided to Aztec case. They also enjoy square dancing.

Leap Year Facts 6: celebration

Some people decide to celebrate the leap year. They often throw parties. But there is no special tradition or food served on the table. We hope that they will never serve people with frog’s legs.

leap year frog

leap year frog

Leap Year Facts 7: unusual talents

The people who were born in the leap year are lucky.  The astrologers believe that the leapers have special talents. For example, Ja Rule is a good rapper. Lord Byron was a popular poet. Picasso could paint cubism well. Learn more cubism facts here.

leap year pic

leap year pic

Leap Year Facts 8: Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner is a rich man. He is well known with his Playboy Magazine. On 29th February 1960, he opened the first playboy club.

leap year

leap year

Leap Year Facts 9: frog

Leap year is symbolized with frog due to the word leaping.

Leap Year Facts 10: Leap Day William

If you are a fan of 30 Rocks, you must know the Leap Day William character. He wears blue and yellow in the episode.

leap year facts

leap year facts

Australia is the home of the famous Australian rocket frog. It can leap more than two meters and has been associated with 29th February. Do you have any opinion on facts about Leap Year?

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