10 Interesting Mauritius Facts

Monday, July 14th 2014. | Countries

Mauritius Facts give the fascinating information about the most densely populated country in Africa. Even though it is a populous country, you can find interesting beaches and scenery here. Based on the population of the world, Mauritius is ranked in the 17th position. Find out other surprising facts about Mauritius here:

Mauritius Facts 1: life expectancy

It is surprising fact to know that Mauritius has the life expectancy of 73 years old. It is considered higher because Mauritius is just one of the developing countries in the world.

Mauritius Facts 2: the national animal

Can you mention the national animal of Maturities? It is the legendary bird dodo.  The bird could only be found in the country before it was extinct.

Mauritius Beaches

Mauritius Beaches

Mauritius Facts 3: formation of the island

Mauritius is an interesting island. It was formed because of the underwater volcanic eruption. Portuguese are considered as the first people to come here. Read volcanoes facts here.

Mauritius Facts 4: receiving gift

If you decide to go to Mauritius, you need to learn about the culture. If someone gives you a present, it will be polite if you receive it by using the right hand only.  Using both hands is impolite here.

Mauritius Facts

Mauritius Facts

Mauritius Facts 5: sugarcane

Sugarcane is considered as the important product for Mauritius because it sits as the top earner in the Mauritius economy.  You can find that 90 percent of arable land in the country is planted with sugarcane plants.

Mauritius Facts 6: name

The name of the country is taken from the name of Prince of Orange principality, Maurice de Nassau.

Mauritius Holiday

Mauritius Holiday

Mauritius Facts 7: the official name

The country has the official name Republic of Mauritius. But you can call it with a short name, Mauritius. The capital city is Port Louis.

Mauritius Facts 8: the highest and the lowest point

The lowest point in Mauritius is located in Indian Ocean 0 m. The highest point is at Mount Piton with the height of 828 meter.

Mauritius Pic

Mauritius Pic

Mauritius Facts 9: climate

Let’s talk about the climate in Mauritius. In May to November, it has dry winter.  From November to May, you can enjoy the humid, hot and wet summer season.

Mauritius Facts 10: top cities in Mauritius

Based on the population, the top cities in Mauritius include Port Louis, Vacaos, Curepipe, Quatre Bornes, and Triolet.



There are several items that Mauritius exports such as textiles, cut flowers, sugars, fish and molasses. Can you give me opinion on facts about Mauritius?

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