10 Interesting Liberia Facts

Thursday, June 12th 2014. | Countries

Liberia facts give you the detail information about the West African country. Liberia has the area of 111,369 square km or 43,000 square miles. Compared to Tennessee, it is a slightly bigger.  If you are interested to find out the population, border and capital city of Liberia, read the following post below:

Liberia Facts 1: border

Liberia is bordered by North Atlantic Ocean. The country is situated between Cote d’lvoire and Sierra Leone.  Based on the estimated data in July 2014, it is a home to more than 4,092,310 people.

Liberia Facts 2: capital city

Do you know the capital city of Liberia? It is called Monrovia. The name was derived from the name of the US former president James Monroe.

Liberia Facts

Liberia Facts

Liberia Facts 3: religions

Talking about the religion in the country, 85.6 percent of the people are Christian. You can find 12.2 percent the people in Liberia are Muslim. The traditional religion makes up 0.6 percent of the total population.

Liberia Facts 4: ethnic groups

There are many ethnic groups living in Liberia. You can find 20.3 percent of the people are Kpelle. 13.4 percent of the population is Bassa people. Other people include greabo 10 percent, Gio 8 percent, Mano 7.9 percent and many more.

Liberia Local People

Liberia Local People

Liberia Facts 5: economy of the people

Let’s talk about the economy of the people. 85 percent of the people were unemployed.  Based on the data in 2013, the GDP per capita in the country was $700.

Liberia Facts 6: the official language

The people in Liberia Speak English as their official language. The independence day of this country is celebrated on July 26th. Check English language facts here.

Liberia People

Liberia People

Liberia Facts 7: Africa’s “Iron Lady”

Africa’s “Iron Lady” is the nickname of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  On 15th November 2011, the president was re-elected in the nation with the vote of 90.7 percent.

Liberia Facts 8: civil war

Liberia had a long civil war in 1989 to 2003. This 14 years civil war made 250,000 people die.

Liberia Pic

Liberia Pic

Liberia Facts 9: President Charles Taylor

President Charles Taylor was the former president of Liberia. He was found guilty on 26 April 2012 because he abetted and aided the rebels who killed, raped and mutilated the people located in the border of Sierra Leone.

Liberia Facts 10: Nelson Mandela

Even though Nelson Mandela is always associated with South Africa, actually he was born in Liberia.



If you visit Liberia, you can enjoy the stunning and relaxing view of Sapo National Park. You can find the unique Pygmy hippopotamus and various species of mammals. Are you satisfied with facts about Liberia?

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