10 Interesting Sydney Facts

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Sydney Facts tell you about one of the important cities in Australia. It is considered as the most populous city in Australia and Oceania. In New South Wales, Sydney is the state capital. The location of this city is at the east coast of Australia. The largest natural harbor in the world surrounds in this metropolis area. Check other interesting facts about Sydney below:

Sydney Facts 1: the inhabitants

If you want to call the inhabitants of the people who live in Sydney, you can call them Sydneysiders.

Sydney Facts 2: the second city

Sydney houses the second official residence and the second official seat. Since Upper Paleolithic period, the indigenous Australians have occupied the area. Get facts about Strasbourg France here.

Sydney at Night

Sydney at Night

Sydney Facts 3: the British settlers

In 1788, the first British arrived in Sydney.  They created the European settlement in Australia to form a penal colony in Sydney.

Sydney Facts 4: the population

Sydney was inhabited by 4.39 million people based on 2011 census.  The overseas born residents were 1.5 million.  Sydney is considered as a multicultural city for it represents many nationalities. Find facts about Stockholm here.

Sydney Facts

Sydney Facts

Sydney Facts 5: languages

Due to the various cultures in Sydney, there are more than 250 spoken languages.  English is still considered as the most popular language spoken by the people in the city.

Sydney Facts 6: the economy

The economy in Sydney lies on the manufacturing, finance and tourism. Based on the report in 2013, the city had $337 billion for the gross regional product. The city is a home to various multicultural corporations and foreign banks.

Sydney Beaches

Sydney Beaches

Sydney Facts 7: the tourist destination

The tourism in Sydney is great. People love to come to Sydney because of the famous landmarks. Due to the 2000 Summer Olympics, there were many people who came here.

Sydney Facts 8: the famous places to visit in Sydney

If you are interested to enjoy the beauty of Sydney, there are a lot of places to visit such as Royal Botanic Gardens, Bondi Beach, Royal National Park and Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Pic

Sydney Pic

Sydney Facts 9: the man made attraction

If you are in Sydney, don’t forget to visit the man made attractions in the city such as Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. In 1857, Australian Museum was opened in the city. When you are in this museum, you can spot the display of the arts and artifacts of the Australia.

Sydney Facts 10: the largest ancestry groups

The largest ancestry groups in Sydney include English, Australia, Chinese, Scottish and Irish.



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