10 Interesting Stockholm Facts

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If you want to know the capital of Sweden, check Stockholm Facts.  The municipality of Stockholm is occupied by 917,297 people. In the Nordic region, it is considered as the most populous city. The urban area is inhabited by 1.6 million people. The metropolitan area is a home to 2.2 million people. Check the interesting facts about Stockholm below:

Stockholm Facts 1: the settlement

Stockholm was inhabited by the people since 6th millennium BC. It was during the Stone Age period.

Stockholm Facts 2: the establishment of Stockholm

Birger Jarl established the city in 1252. It is not only the capital of Sweden. Stockholm is also the capital of Stockholm County.

Stockholm Facts

Stockholm Facts

Stockholm Facts 3: the area of Stockholm

There are 14 islands in the country included in the city of Stockholm. You can find them located at the coast of southeast of Sweden. Find facts about Seville here.

Stockholm Facts 4: the importance of Stockholm

Stockholm is an important city in Sweden. The economy, politic, media and culture in Sweden is centered in Stockholm. More than one third of the GDP of Sweden is generated by Stockholm region.

Stockholm Image

Stockholm Image

Stockholm Facts 5: the top ranking universities

There are several top ranking universities based in Stockholm. Karolinska Institute is one of the well known universities.

Stockholm Facts 6: the Vasa Museum

If you are in Stockholm, don’t forget to check Vasa Museum. It is considered as one of the most visited museums in the country. Get facts about Shanghai here.

Facts about Stockholm

Facts about Stockholm

Stockholm Facts 7: the longest art gallery in the world

Can you mention the longest art gallery in the world? It is Stockholm metro. In 1950, the gallery was opened for public.

Stockholm Facts 8: sport in Stockholm

In 1912, Stockholm became the host for the Summer Olympics. In 1956, the equestrian portion was held in the city during the Summer Olympics. If you visit the southern part of Stockholm, you can find the national indoor arena, Ericsson Globe. The north of the city is a home of the national football area of the country.

Stockholm Picture

Stockholm Picture

Stockholm Facts 9: the important institution

Since Stockholm gains the status as the capital of Sweden, there are various government institutions. The residents for the prime minister and Swedish monarch are located in the city. You can also find out the highest courts of Judiciary in the city.

Stockholm Facts 10: The Stockholm Palace

The official residence for the Swedish monarch is located in the Stockholm Palace. The private residence of the royal family in Sweden is located in Drottningholm Palace.

Stockholm Pic

Stockholm Pic

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