10 Interesting Oklahoma City Facts

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Find out the interesting Oklahoma City Facts in the following post below. The city is called as the largest one in Oklahoma. Based on the population in United States, it was called as the 30th largest city based on the 2000 census. Here are facts about Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City Facts 1: the land area

Let’s talk about the land area in Oklahoma City.  It is placed in the third place of the largest land area. The first two ones are Anchorage and Jacksonville.

Oklahoma City Facts 2: the mayor

Mick Cornett is the current mayor in Oklahoma City. People like to live here because the cost of living is very low. However, the median household income is around $34,947.

Oklahoma City at Night

Oklahoma City at Night

Oklahoma City Facts 3: name

Let’s find out the meaning of Oklahoma name.  It was derived from Choctaw words, okla and humma. Okla means people, while humma means red. Therefore, you can translate it as red people. Get the facts about Oklahoma state here.

Oklahoma City Facts 4: the capital city

Oklahoma City is called as the capital city of Oklahoma. It is included as one of the only two capital cities in United which have a state name in it. Another one is Indianapolis.

Oklahoma City Facts

Oklahoma City Facts

Oklahoma City Facts 5: a state capital

Since 1910, Oklahoma City has been the state capital of Oklahoma. Charles Haskell was the state governor of Oklahoma in 1910 that fulfilled the petition to move the state capital from Guthrie to Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City Facts 6: the capitol building

Before the capitol building in Oklahoma was finished in 1917, the Lee Huckins Hotel was called as the capitol city.

Oklahoma City Green

Oklahoma City Green

Oklahoma City Facts 7: an oil well

The capital building of the city is very unique. It is the only one in the world located on the top of an oil well. The building is located at 23rd and Lincoln.   The original design of building did not have any dome because the government had little money to cover it. In 2002, the dome was added on the capitol.

Oklahoma City Facts 8: fantastic places

You can find many fantastic places in Oklahoma. Compared to any other states in US, you can find more manmade lakes here. The second largest military air depot is located in Oklahoma. It is called Thinker Air Force Base.

Oklahoma City USA

Oklahoma City USA

Oklahoma City Facts 9: record

In 1935, Oklahoma has the first every parking meter. It was called as the first one in the country. In 1937, Oklahoma has the first every shopping cart. It was used for the first time at Standard Food market.

Oklahoma City Facts 10: the first radio station

The first radio station which transmitted from West of Mississippi River was WKY AM 830 from the city.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City

The base of the Amateur Softball Association of America is in Oklahoma. It was established in 1933. Do you want to comment on facts about Oklahoma City?

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