10 Interesting Giza Facts

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Find out the information about one of the true masterpieces in the world in Giza facts. Giza is the home to the great pyramid in Egypt. It is called the great pyramid of Giza.  There is no need to wonder if the building receives the tile of a wonder. The structure and shape of the building is unbeatable.

Giza Facts 1: stone blocks

The scientists estimated that the ancient people used at least 2,300,000 stone blocks to create the great pyramid of Giza. Each block probably has the weight around 2 till 30 pounds. You can also find some blocks in the pyramid have the weight around 50 tons.

Giza Facts 2: the base of Giza pyramid

Let’s talk about the base of the pyramid. It is estimated that the base spans on the area around 592,000 feet 2 or 55,000 m2.

Giza facts

Giza facts

Giza Facts 3: Constellation of Orion

The pyramids included in the Constellation of Orion are the Pyramid of Khafre, Pyramid of Menkaure and the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

Giza Facts 4: the outer mantle of great pyramid of Giza

The ancient people were very precise when building this pyramid. There were 144,000 casing stones used to create the outer mantle of the pyramid. All of them are created in flat design with an accuracy of 1/100 of an inch. They were polished too.

Giza Land

Giza Land

Giza Facts 5: temperature

It is such as magnificent science to know that the interior temperature of the pyramid can be kept in constant temperature. When you are inside, you can feel 68 degree F or 20 degree C temperature.

Giza Facts 6: mortar

Until this present day, the experts cannot find out the origin of the mortar used to create the Giza pyramid.  The chemical composition of the mortar is covered, but they cannot reproduce it. The mortar actually is stronger than the stones that people use to create home or building.

Giza View

Giza View

Giza Facts 7: cornerstone foundations

The pyramid has strong cornerstone foundation. It is equipped with socket and ball construction which makes the pyramid resist to earthquake and heat expansion.

Giza Facts 8: shining pyramid

If you observe the pyramid of Giza from a far away area, you can see the pyramid shining. It is because of the sun reflection to the casing stones which are made from the polished lime stones.



Giza Facts 9: King’s Chamber

In the King’s Chamber, you can find the granite. This item is very big. It is created from solid granite.

Giza Facts 10: a swivel door entrance

A swivel door entrance is equipped in pyramid of Giza. Other pyramids which have a swivel door are in Khufu’s grandfather and father.

Pyramid map

Pyramid map

If you cannot go to Egypt to see the pyramid, you can do it via satellite or Google map. Are you interested with facts about Giza?

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