10 Interesting Boston Facts

Monday, November 25th 2013. | Cities

Boston facts may discuss about some interesting facts about one of cities in United States. Some people perhaps still don’t know exactly about any facts that Boston has right? Therefore it has better to discuss about it here. Those facts are:

Boston Facts 1: history

First important fact that any people should know is about the year of such city was founded. You may notice that it was founded in the year of 1630. Therefore, it is no doubt that any people may consider it to be one of the oldest among any cities in United States.

Boston Facts 2: neighborhood

Second important and interesting fact is that Boston has become so much well know in having more and various neighborhood within United States. In fact, you will notice about the city in having certain nickname called as the city of neighborhoods.

Boston at Night

Boston at Night

Boston Facts 3: institutes

What you can learn next about Boston fact is related to another nickname given to the city. Boston is called as the Athens of America. It is not based on the geographical similarities indeed. The main reason is because it has huge amount of institutes.

Boston Facts 4: youngest citizen

If you have already noticed about nicknames of Boston such as city of neighborhoods and Athens of America, you may notice next that Boston is called as well as one of the youngest cities within United States. It is because mostly of the citizen or population is under the age of 45.

Boston facts

Boston facts

Boston Facts 5: first library

What you need to know about Boston is about the fact that Boston was the city where the first library was built in America. In fact, the library was built firstly within the year of 1657.

Boston Facts 6: Citgo sign

If you visit certain area in Boston called Kenmore Square, you may notice there about the existence of huge Citgo sign which has become one of the center points of such area. You may notice that the neon tubing installed on such sign has the length of 5 miles.

boston marathon

boston marathon

Boston Facts 7: dessert

For any people who love culinary, Boston can provide people with eponymous cream pie. You will realize that it is not a kind of pie but a cake. This dessert is firstly created in the year of 1856.

Boston Facts 8:  subway

What you should know next about Boston is about the fact that the city has the first subway of America which is built in the year of 1897.

Boston skyline

Boston skyline

Boston Facts 9: university

You will notice that Boston is the city where the first university was built in America which is in the year of 1636. The first name is New College which later changed into Havard College in the year of 1639. It has the full function as university in the year of 1841.

Boston Facts 10: population

If it is about the population, you may realize that the city may only represent total of 10% of the Massachusetts.

Boston, Ma

Boston, Ma

Before visiting any city especially Boston, people indeed should understand first about any interesting information about the city. In this case, facts about Boston may become your best information right?

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