10 Interesting Cuttlefish Facts

Sunday, December 22nd 2013. | Animals

Enjoy the unique animal explanation by reading cuttlefish facts. Even though this animal is named cuttlefish, it is not fish actually. This animal belongs to a mollusk. Even though it looks simple and easy, we can say that a cuttlefish is one of the most intelligent animals. Here are the fascinating facts about cuttlefish to learn:

Cuttlefish Facts 1: color

It is difficult to decide the color of a cuttlefish. This animal is very smart and clever. It can change the color based on the surrounding environment. It can be used to avoid the predators under the sea.

Cuttlefish Facts 2: habitat

If you want to meet cuttlefish, you can go to some areas located in the Mediterranean Sea, west coast of African and English Channel. The cuttlefish is very abundant in those areas. Another animal living in those area is explained in starfish facts.

Cuttlefish facts

Cuttlefish facts

Cuttlefish Facts 3: class

Do you know that cuttlefish has a close relationship with octopus, squid and Nautiluses? This animal belongs in the similar Sepiida class along those animals.

Cuttlefish Facts 4: shape of body

Due to its cuttlebone shape of body, this animal gets the name cuttlefish.  It has tentacles with a mantle. Around the mantle, you can see two fins. Read crayfish facts here.

Cuttlefish swims

Cuttlefish swims

Cuttlefish Facts 5: chameleon of the sea

Cuttlefish has a nickname. Most people call it as the chameleon of the sea.  This animal has a good ability to change their color based on the environment. The skin of this animal has chromatophores class which can contract and expand to change the body color.

Cuttlefish Facts 6: cuttlefish’s colors

It is easy for a cuttlefish to blend with the surrounding environment. You can see this animal in green, blue, silver, gold or even green.



Cuttlefish Facts 7: eyes

Even though the eyes of cuttlefish cannot differentiate colors, they can view the polarization of light. The retina contains the concentrated sensor cells.

Cuttlefish Facts 8: protection

When cuttlefish feels threatened, it will spread the protein based ink. When the ink is ejected, it gives time for the cuttlefish to escape.

Giant Cuttlefish

Giant Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish Facts 9: diet

Cuttlefish hunts for shrimp, mollusk, crabs, and fish to stay alive underwater. The people in East Asia like to hunt cuttlefish for food. They usually pick cuttlefish for Risotto all Nero.

Cuttlefish Facts 10: laying eggs

When the female cuttlefish lays the eggs, the male cuttlefish will aggressively protect the eggs. The male cuttlefish has the ability to adopt the female colorization on their body to trick other males.

Hooded Cuttlefish

Hooded Cuttlefish

If you are interested to know the cuttlefish in person, why don’t you dive on the sea?  You need to be careful so that cuttlefish will never inject the ink and hurt you. Make sure that they think you are harmless. Enjoy your next vacation to see cuttlefish. What do you think on facts about cuttlefish?

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