10 Interesting Planet Facts

Monday, October 21st 2013. | Universe

Planet facts cover the information about the eight planets in the solar system. The center of solar system is the sun. A sun is not a planet; it is a star.  All planets orbit the sun. The solar system mass is 99.86 percent taken by the sun. So all planets in the solar system only make up 0.14 percent of solar system mass. Find out more facts about planet in the following post:

Planet Facts 1: Jupiter’s Magnetic Field

Jupiter has a massive magnetic field. The earth magnetic field is affected by Jupiter because each day, there are billions of watts spreading into the magnetic field of earth.

Planet Facts 2: Sun Raw Material

Only a pinhead of a raw material from the sun can kill you in the range up to 160 km away.

Planet Facts

Planet Facts

Planet Facts 3: Supernova Explosions

Supernova explosion somewhere on the galaxy can create all heavy elements which can be found in human body such as carbon, iron, calcium or zinc.

Planet Facts 4: Mars

Mars is the fourth planet on the solar system. Actually some rocks found on earth actually came from the pieces of Mars.

Planet Size

Planet Size

Planet Facts 5: Saturn

When you see Saturn, you will always notice the giant ring. This planet has a low density.  You can make it float if you put it inside water.

Planet Facts 6: Atlantic Ocean

Climate change makes people on earth live in a hot temperature each day. It raises awareness because the water will expand when it is heated. You can see that the width of Atlantic Ocean is increased 3 cm each year.

Planet Venus

Planet Venus

Planet Facts 7: Venus

Venus is the only planet in the solar system which does not have any natural satellite. It is always called as a sister of earth because both have similar mass and size. You can see Venus with naked eyes when the sunset or sunrise comes.

Planet Facts 8: Olympus Mons

Olympus Mons is considered as the largest volcanic mountain in the solar system. It is located in Mars. Get the pictures of Olympus mons if you want to know the unique look and shape.



Planet Facts 9: Plutonian year

Plutonian year is around 248 of earth year. One orbit on the sun will take a quarter of one millennium.

Planet Facts 10: Caloris Basin

Caloris Basin is seen in Mercury. It was formed when a massive body crashed Mercury with the speed 512,000 km per hour.



Great Comet of 1843 is considered as the longest comet ever recorded in the world.  The tail can reach the length around 800 million kilometers. Each planet in the solar system has a unique feature. The only planet to live by people now is only earth because it contains water and air. Do you want to ask question on facts about planet?

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