10 Interesting Space Facts

Thursday, August 29th 2013. | Universe

If you like to know more about universe, check the space facts below. Kids really love about the outer space. You can give them information about the universe, moon, sun, earth, astronomy or even Milky Way galaxy. There are many things to learn about space. Technology such as space, air craft and telescopes are vital. Here are some interesting space facts to know for kids and parents:

Space Facts 1: Size for Sun

Do you know the actual size of a sun? Compared to earth, it is 300000 larger and bigger.

Space Facts 2: Venus

If you want to know the hottest planet in the solar system, look at Venus. The temperature of this planet is more than 450 degrees C occurred based on its surface.



Space Facts 3: Halley’s Comet

One of the main natural attractions that people can see in the future is Halley’s Comet. It was last seen in 1986. If you want to know the appearance of this comet in the future, you need to wait until 2061. I suggest you to get the camera ready for this big capture.

Space Facts 4: Solar System

We live in the solar system. Many experts believe that the solid system was created 4.6 billion years ago. Look at universe facts for detail info.

Space Fact

Space Fact

Space Facts 5: Dinosaur

One of the main prehistoric animals is dinosaur. Even though the animal is extinct now, people love to know about it. Many experts have theories about the extinction of dinosaurs on earth. Many of them believe that it was due to an asteroid impact occurred 65 million years ago.

Space Facts 6: Ringed Planet

Many kids think that the only ringed planet in the solar system is Saturn. There are other ringed planets in the solar system such as Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter. However, their rings are less obvious compared to the giant ring of Saturn. Get more ideas on ringed planet in Neptune facts.

Space Facts

Space Facts

Space Facts 7: Moon

Compared to earth, Moon has more scars and craters. The natural activities occurred on moon are not as much as the ones on earth. It is because of the little weather activity in the moon. Earth has been reformed naturally through various natural phenomena such as rain, wind, and earthquake.

Space Facts 8: Definition of Planet

Experts find a new definition of planet in 2006. It brings a big impact on the selection of planet in solar system. With this new definition, Pluto is excluded from solar system because it is considered as a dwarf planet.



Space Facts 9: Foot Prints on the Moon

We know that some people have come to the moon. Their footprints will never go away from the surface of the moon. There is no wind in the moon which will make the foot print blow away.

Space Facts 10: Gravity on Mars

Mars has lower gravity compared to earth. If you are a person with the weight around 100 kilograms, you will only have the weight around 38 kilograms if you are on mars.



A planet which has the biggest moons is Jupiter. It has Ganymede, lo, Europa and Calisto. Are you interested reading the facts about space?

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