10 Interesting Sun Bear Facts

Sunday, November 15th 2015. | Animals

Sun Bear Facts tell you about the bear population that you can spot in Southeast Asia. They like living in the tropical forest. IUCN classified sun bear are the vulnerable animal due to the South Asian deforestation. The habitat for sun bears to live is decreased for the last three decades. This animal has the scientific name Helarctos malayanus. Here are some interesting facts about sun bear:

Sun Bear Facts 1: the decline of the global population

The report states that the decline of sun bear population in the world is decreased 30 percent for more than three bear generations.

Sun Bear Facts 2: the fur of sun bear

The fur of most sun bears is in jet black tone. It has sleek and short texture. But there are some sun bears which have gray or reddish fur color. Get facts about moon bear here.

Facts about sun bear

Facts about sun bear

Sun Bear Facts 3: the honey bear

The honey bear is another name for the Malayan sun bear. This bear likes to consume honey and honeycombs. That’s why they are called honey bear.

Sun Bear Facts 4: the crest

You can post a crest on the sun bear. The location of the crest is on the sides of the neck. When you see the breast patch, you can find a whorl at the center.

sun bear Facts

sun bear Facts

Sun Bear Facts 5: the color of the crescent shaped pale patch

There are various colors that you can spot on the crescent shaped pale patch. It can be dirty white, cream, ochreous and buff.

Sun Bear Facts 6: the smallest bear

There are various bear species in the world. Sun bear is considered as the smallest one. The weight of an adult sun bear is around 27 to 80 kilogram or 60 to 176 lb. The length of the sun bear is around 47 to 59 inches or 120 to 150 cm. The body of male sun bear is around 10 to 20 percent larger than the female sun bear.

sun bear fur

sun bear fur

Sun Bear Facts 7: the body parts of sun bear

This animal has cream claws with small and round ears. The light colored and short muzzle is another characteristic of sun bear.

Sun Bear Facts 8: the tongue

The tongue of sun bear is very long. It can reach the length around 7.9 to 9.8 inches or 20 to 25 cm. The main function of the long tongue is to extract honey and insects.

sun bear Pic

sun bear Pic

Sun Bear Facts 9: the teeth

The high bite forces are supported by the large teeth that sun bear has.

Sun Bear Facts 10: the ranges

Sun bear can be seen living in islands of Borneo and Sumatra, Yunnan Province in China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, northeastern India, Laos and Cambodia. Find facts about black bears here.

sun bear tounge

sun bear tounge

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