10 Interesting Vertebrate Facts

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The following Vertebrate Facts will tell you about all members of phylum Chordata. It comprises around 64,000 species, which have been described by the scientists. The bony fish, rays, and sharks are included as vertebrate. The birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians are included as vertebrate. The species of vertebrate has various sizes. The big one may reach 108 feet or 33 meter represented by the blue whale. The smaller one is Paedophryne amauensis. This frog is measured at 0.30 inch or 7.7 mm. Let us get other useful facts about vertebrate below:

Vertebrate Facts 1: the number of vertebrate and invertebrates

Do you know that vertebrate only makes up less than 5 percent of all animal species? The remaining 95 percent are accounted by the animals with lack vertebral columns called invertebrates.

Vertebrate Facts 2: the body plan

The basic chordate body plan is spotted in all vertebrates. The length of the animal is equipped with a stiff rod. It is called notochord or vertebral column. The spinal cords are located above it. The below part is the gastrointestinal tract.

Vertebrate Image

Vertebrate Image

Vertebrate Facts 3:  mouth location

Can you guess the mouth location of vertebrates? The mouth is usually situated at the right below or at the anterior end. Look at facts about vampire bats here.

Vertebrate Facts 4: the anus location

The exterior before the body ends with the anus.

Vertebrate Pic

Vertebrate Pic

Vertebrate Facts 5: the basal vertebrates

The gills are used as the respiratory organ for all basal vertebrates located just behind the head. The bony gill arch is available to support each gill of the animal.

Vertebrate Facts 6: the number of arches

The number of arches is varied. The seven pairs of arches are found on the primitive jawless fish. The five to seven pairs of arches are spotted on the cartilaginous fish. The bony fish is equipped with three pairs of arches. Get facts about tadpole here.



Vertebrate Facts 7: the higher level of vertebrates and gills

The lack of gills is found in the higher level of vertebrates. During the fetal development, the gill arches are formed.

Vertebrate Facts 8: the origin of vertebrates

The origin of vertebrates was traced back during the Cambrian explosion around 525 million years ago.

Vertebrate Facts

Vertebrate Facts

Vertebrate Facts 9: Myllokunmingia

Myllokunmingia is considered as the first known vertebrate, which had the basic body plant.

Vertebrate Facts 10: the self-fertilization

The self-fertilization is a type of reproduction found in Kryptolebias marmoratus or mangrove killifish. The meiosis will produce sperm and eggs.

Facts about Vertebrate

Facts about Vertebrate


Are you well informed after reading facts about vertebrate?


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