10 Interesting Stone Castles Facts

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If you want to know the evolution of the motte and bailey castle design, you have to check Stone Castles Facts. Have you ever visited the stone castle before? You will be impressed since the foundation of the building is very strong and sturdy. In 1066, the Normans brought the simple Motte and Bailey design in England. The simple design has the building located at the flat top with a defensive mound. Here are other interesting facts about stone castle below:

Stone Castles Facts 1: the wooden construction

Before people began to use stone to create castle, the wood was used to construct Motte and Bailey. Since it was very simple, the people only need a very short time to make it.

Stone Castles Facts 2: why did they use stone?

The wooden castle was easy to construct. However, it was very easy for the building to be attacked using fire.  To make the building more secured and strong, stone was used to replace the wooden Motte and bailey.

Stone Castle

Stone Castle

Stone Castles Facts 3: Rochester Castle

Have you visited Rochester Castle? It is considered as one of the oldest castles in England built of stone. Find facts about Rochester Castle.

Stone Castles Facts 4: White Tower of the Tower of London

If you are in England, don’t forget to check White Tower of the Tower of London. People consider it as the most famous stone castle in London.

Stone Castles Facts

Stone Castles Facts

Stone Castles Facts 5: the construction of stone castles

The construction of stone castles was very popular in England in 1100s. Even though people started the construction of stone castles, the Motte and Bailey castles made of timber were still built too.

Stone Castles Facts 6: the construction of castle in the end of 1100s

The construction of wooden Motte and Bailey castle were out of fashion at the end of 1100s. The nobles wanted to show their power by having the stones castles.

Stone Castles Image

Stone Castles Image

Stone Castles Facts 7: the evolution of stone castles

There were several benefits that people got from the stone castles. Compared to the traditional wooden castles, the stone castles were more magnificent, modern defensive and more permanent.

Stone Castles Facts 8: the combined materials

In most cases, the limestone or sandstone was used to construct the castle. But the people used wooden support, wooden roofs and wooden partitions for they wanted to decrease the expense.

Stone Castles Pic

Stone Castles Pic

Stone Castles Facts 9: the durability

Stone castles were selected for they could last for centuries. The wooden ones could only last for years. Get facts about medieval castles here.

Stone Castles Facts 10: the grand look

The wooden castles were too simple and easy. To get the grand look, the people should get the stone castles.

Stone Castles

Stone Castles

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