10 Interesting the Roman Forum Facts

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The Roman Forum Facts talk about a historical building, which has the rectangular shape. It is called a plaza or a forum. The location of the forum is at the center of Rome where some essential buildings of the ancient government were located around the forum. During the ancient time, the area was called as a marketplace by the citizens of Rome. They simply called it the Forum or Forum Magnum. Let us find out other interesting facts about the Roman Forum by checking the full post below:

The Roman Forum Facts 1: the importance of Roman forum

The Roman forum played an important function for centuries. It was used to hold various events like the commercial affairs, gladiator matches, election, public life, public speeches and triumphant processions.

The Roman Forum Facts 2: the meeting place

The Roman people used it as the meeting place where the great men of Rome had their monuments and status commemorated here.

the roman forum pictures

the roman forum pictures

The Roman Forum Facts 3: the present day’s Roman forum

The Roman forum in the present day is just a ruin. However, it gains so much attention from the tourism. At least 4.5 million visitors come to the ruin to enjoy the ancient view.

The Roman Forum Facts 4: the location

Roman forum is housed in a small valley. The location is in the middle of the Palatine and Capitoline Hills. Look at facts about the Roman Baths here.

the roman forum ruins

the roman forum ruins

The Roman Forum Facts 5: the buildings around the Forum

Due to the importance of the Forum in the ancient time, the nearby area is filled with various strictures and ruins. The southeastern edge of the area was filled with temples and shrines.

The Roman Forum Facts 6: the other important buildings

The statues, memorials, temples, tribunals, government offices and Senate House were situated around the building. Get facts about Roman health and medicine here.

the roman forum

the roman forum

The Roman Forum Facts 7: the grassy wetland

The Roman Forum actually featured the grassy wetland located at the low-lying area. In seventh century, the wetland was drained by establishing a sweet system called Cloaca Maxima.

The Roman Forum Facts 8: the beginning of the Roman forum

The alliance of the Titus Tatius who controlled the Capitoline Hill and Romulus the leader of Roman who inhabited the Palatine Hill was considered as the beginning of Roman Forum.

facts about the Roman forum

facts about the Roman forum

The Roman Forum Facts 9: the tribune benches

The Forum Romanum featured the tribune benches. They were located at the front of Basilica Porcia during the end of Roman Republic.

The Roman Forum Facts 10: the major reconstruction

The major remodeling project in the forum was spotted during the leadership of Sulla in 80 BC where the marble paving stone was installed and the plaza was raised.

the roman forum map

the roman forum map

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