10 Interesting White House Facts

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White House facts serve the information about one of the main buildings in US. A quit ceremony had been made on 13 October 1792 to place the corner stone of White house. Many things happened during the presidency. It had to survive from the fire, attack and also condemning. Here are the complete facts about white house:

White House Facts 1: Version of the White House

The version of the White House can be seen in Philadelphia. The state did not happy with the new city for Washington. They want the president and all his staff to use this building version, but they refuse it. The location for the building is just 2 blocks away from the national constitution center.

White House Facts 2: George Washington

Even though the city was named after Washington, it does not mean that George Washington ever lived in the palace. In 1799 George Washington passed away. So he could not live in the house.

First Lady

First Lady

White House Facts 3: John Adams

John Adams is considered as the first president to live in the White House. Look at John F Kennedy facts to know the president living in White House.

White House Facts 4: Fire

The fire and attack made many important items burnt and destroyed. There were several items survived such as the exterior stone wall and Gilbert Stuart painting of George Washington. Another important building in US is seen in Liberty Statue facts.

White House Cabinet

White House Cabinet

White House Facts 5: Second Fire on White House

In 1929 during the Christmas Eve, a fire was on the oval office and west wing. It was in the presidency of Hoover. During the firefighting, Hoover helped much but the secret service asked him to stay away for his safety.

White House Facts 6: Suffragettes

Two years had been used by suffragettes to stay on the white house. They want to get the attention from President Woodrow Wilson. Suffragettes were led by Alice Paul who wanted the right for woman. The movement was resulted the 19th amendment.

White House Fact

White House Fact

White House Facts 7: West Wing

West Wing was created by Teddy Roosevelt. William Howard Taft and Franklin D Roosevelt were contributed to the expansion of west wing in White House.

White House Facts 8: Condemning

In 1948, President Harry S. Truman had to stay away from the White House because of the aging in the building. It is nearly collapsed because of the falling down issue in 1948.

White House Facts

White House Facts

White House Facts 9: Attack

White House was attacked by Puerto Rican nationalist in 1950 during the presidency of President Truman. However, the president was safe during the attack.

White House Facts10: Replica of White House

The real white house can cost $110 million. The replica of white house can be seen McLean, Virginia. It was made in 14,000 square feet of land. It has the Lincoln bedroom, oval office and many more.

Oval Room

Oval Room

When it comes about the anniversary of White House, many people will always talk about the missing of cornerstone in the white house. No one saw the cornerstone since 1792. Are you satisfied with facts about White House?

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