10 Interesting Respiration Facts

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Respiration Facts talk about the organs and process of inhaling and exhaling the area. Lung is considered as the main organ during the respiratory process. Human being has two lungs. The left lung is smaller compared to the right lung. Find out more interesting facts about respiration below:

Respiration Facts 1: the sneeze speed

When you sneeze, the speed is marvelous since you cannot stop it.  The highest sneeze speed ever recorded in the world is 165 km per hour.

Respiration Facts 2: the hair inside the nose

The hair inside the nose is very functional for the respiration. It can make the air warm and clean the air from the dangerous components.

Respiration Facts

Respiration Facts

Respiration Facts 3: the surface of the lung

Even though the lung is not big, the surface area is very large. You can compare the surface area with a tennis court. Learn lung facts here.

Respiration Facts 4: rest

When you are resting or sleeping, you usually breathe around 12 to 15 times in one minute.

Respiration Image

Respiration Image

Respiration Facts 5: what is respiratory system?

This system has the responsibility to take the oxygen when you inhale and produce the carbon dioxide when you exhale. The oxygen will be carried inside the body, while the carbon dioxide is expelled for the body.

Respiration Facts 6: the organs

There are various kinds of organs involved in the respiratory process. Those are the nose, throat, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lung.

Respiration Pic

Respiration Pic

Respiration Facts 7: Red blood cells

The function of Red blood cells is to pick up the oxygen to the lung. It also distributes the oxygen in the body cells. When the cells produce the waste gas product or carbon dioxide, the red blood cells will collect it to the lung. It will be expelled when we breathe out. Get facts about red blood cells here.

Respiration Facts 8: the health of respiratory system

The health of the respiratory system should be maintained well. The organs are very prone to several diseases. The pollutants in the air can affect the health of the lung. The most common diseases caused by smoking include Emphysema and lung cancer. If you have Emphysema, it is no easy for you to breathe the air due to the damaged alveoli.

Respiration Process

Respiration Process

Respiration Facts 9: asthma

Another common disease is asthma. It is estimated that 20 million people who live in United States have asthma.

Respiration Facts 10: other disease

There are many other diseases affecting the function of respiratory system. Those include pneumonia, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis, bad cough and cold.



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