10 Interesting Muscular System Facts

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If you want to be informed with muscles of the body, you have to read Muscular System Facts. The muscular system is very important if you want to move easily. When people get older the muscular system has low ability. You have to maintain the health if you want to move freely even though you are not young anymore. Here are facts about muscular system for you:

Muscular System Facts 1: the body weight

More than 40 percent of the body weight is made from muscles. Compared to fat, muscles are heavier. It is considered as the densest thing inside the body.

Muscular System Facts 2: reshaping the body

If you want to reshape the body, you have to work out hard. You can do activities and exercise everyday. At first, you will lose the weight by eliminating the fat from the body. Then the weight of the muscle will be increased. It makes the body dense.

Muscular System Facts

Muscular System Facts

Muscular System Facts 3: development of muscle

It is faster to gain weight of a muscle than to lose it. For example, you have a month exercise to shape the muscles; it will take two months for you to make the muscle back to the original shape and size.

Muscular System Facts 4: the middle ears

Do you know that the smallest muscles in the human body are located in the middle ears? The smallest bones are located in the ears too. The smallest muscles in the ears include Stapedius and tensor tympani. The main function of those muscles is to hold the ears together and connect the drum.

Muscular System Human

Muscular System Human

Muscular System Facts 5: movement

When you move one step, the body will use 200 muscles. Taking one step using the foot is only a simple movement, but it actually works 200 muscles. Imagine if you take 1,000 steps every day.

Muscular System Facts 6: pulling, not pushing

If you think that you can push muscles, you are wrong. The muscles can only be pulled.

Muscular System Movement

Muscular System Movement

Muscular System Facts 7: the muscles fibers

The muscle fibers can be found on all human beings. You can get it when you were born. You can get thicker fiber on the muscles when you work out.

Muscular System Facts 8: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the famous actor in Terminator. People are impressed with his big body. Do you know that he has the body because his muscles get bigger? You can get it by working hard.

Muscular System picture

Muscular System picture

Muscular System Facts 9: tongue

Can you tell me the strongest muscle in the human being? Believe it or not, it is your tongue.

Muscular System Facts 10: heart

Heart also contains muscles. Do you know that the only muscle which never stops working is the heart? Find out facts about heart here.

Muscular System

Muscular System

When you are frowning, you use 43 muscles. When you are smiling, you use 17 muscles.  Are you impressed with facts about muscular system?

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