10 Interesting Mountain Gorilla Facts

Sunday, August 10th 2014. | Animals

Mountain Gorilla Facts explain the information about the unique animal in the world. It has the scientific name of Gorilla gorilla beringei. In Swahili, it is called Gorilla or N’gagi. If you are interested to know the detail facts about mountain Gorilla, read the following post below:

Mountain Gorilla Facts 1: size and weight

Mountain Gorilla has the weight around 300 to 425 pounds. It has the height up to 6 feet.

Mountain Gorilla Facts 2: Vegetarian

Mountain Gorilla is included as an herbivore. It only eats plants. They can be seen living in rain forest and dense forest.

Mountain Gorilla Facts

Mountain Gorilla Facts

Mountain Gorilla Facts 3: life span

The animals can live up to 53 years. The predators which eat and kill mountain gorillas include crocodile and leopards.

Mountain Gorilla Facts 4: ape family

Mountain gorilla is the last member of the ape family. But it is considered as the largest living primate in the world.

Mountain Gorilla Family

Mountain Gorilla Family

Mountain Gorilla Facts 5: place of living

It will be easy for you to find out mountain gorillas in tropical Africa. They spread on Democratic Republic Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda. Get Facts about Congo here.

Mountain Gorilla Facts 6: the most endangered species

Mountain gorilla is called as the most endangered gorilla species in the world. The last refugee for this animal is at National Park Uganda.  The number of the mountain gorilla left is around 630 individuals.

Mountain Gorilla Pic

Mountain Gorilla Pic

Mountain Gorilla Facts 7: physical appearance

Let’s find out the physical appearance of mountain gorilla. It has broad chest and shoulders. Even though the body is very massive, the gorilla is only equipped with a short and thick trunk. It has shiny black muzzle with dwarfed ears and eyes. The head is big and hairless.

Mountain Gorilla Facts 8: the male and female mountain gorillas

If you compare male and female mountain gorillas, the female is smaller than the male one.  The gorilla also has stubby legs with longer arms.

Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla Facts 9: the habitat loss

The main problem which makes the number of mountain gorilla reduced is because of the habitat loss. People begin to use the volcanic soil of Virungas as the farming land. Therefore, the gorilla does not have any place to stay. But now Congo, Uganda and Rwanda create a program for maintaining the habitat of mountain gorilla.

Mountain Gorilla Facts 10: behavior

If you think that mountain gorillas are brave, you are wrong. The animals are very shy. If you do not harass them, they will never make any trouble with you.

Mountain Gorillas

Mountain Gorillas

Most mountain gorillas live in a family. The group can have up to 30 members. The animals will eat for bamboo, thistles, wild celery, bedstraw, fruit, and many more. Do you want to give opinion on facts about mountain gorilla?

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