10 Interesting Star Facts

Tuesday, September 10th 2013. | Universe

If you love to talk about universe, you need to find out more ideas on star facts. If we look at the sky at night, it is totally beautiful with sparkling stars on the dark sky. Star is always associated with beauty just like the full moon. Here are the complete facts about stars:

Star Facts 1: The Closest Star in Solar System

The closest star is the sun. Many kids do not know that sun is an example of stars. The sun will expand with bigger masses. It will consume the nearest objects such as Venus, earth or even mars.

Star Facts 2: Similar Material

The similar materials are found as the composition of stars. The sun is composed from 29 percent helium with 70 percent hydrogen.Look at space facts for detail info.

Star Facts

Star Facts

Star Facts 3: Perfect Balance

Stars come in perfect balance. The star is pulling inward because of the collective gravity. It will collapse and transform into the smallest size. You can see red giant if the star expands outward.

Star Facts 4: Red Dwarfs

Most stars on the universe are red dwarfs. The stars have the similar composition with the sun.

star space

star space

Star Facts 5: Color of Stars

There are different colors of stars. The mass of the sun stars determines the temperature and color. The coolest color is red. It has the average temperature around 3,500 K.  Sun is included as yellowish star. It has the temperature around 6,000 K. If you want to know the hottest one, it is the blue star. It has the temperature around 12,000 K.

Star Facts 6: Multiple Stars

Some stars come in pair. When you look at the sky, you know that there are some groups of stars on the universe. The pairing is called as binary star.

Stars in Space

Stars in Space

Star Facts 7: Monster VY Canis Majoris

Monster VY Canis Majoris is the largest star ever known. Compared to the sun, it is 1,800 times bigger. Another familiar giant star is Betelgeuse. It is found in the Orion constellation.  However, it is only 20 times bigger than the sun.

Star Facts 8: The Shortest Lived Star

The shortest lived stars can be seen based on their based on the weight of the stars. The most massive stars will have the shortest life.



Star Facts 9: Milky Way

Do you know the number of the stars in the Milky Way? It will be hard for you to guess it. There are many stars out there in the universe. You cannot count them with your hand.

Star Facts 10: Distance for Stars

Many stars are located far away from earth. The closest one from earth is Proxima Centauri. The distance is 4.2 light years away. Moon is closer to earth than a star. Look at moon facts here.

Ruby Star

Ruby Star

Even though Proxima Centauri is considered as the closest one, it is still far away to reach. To get it people have to launch a spacecraft and wait for about 70,000 years to reach it. Have you read all facts about stars above?

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