10 Interesting Stanislavski Facts

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The famous theatre director and actor from Russia is explained in Stanislavski Facts. He was born on 17 January 1863 with the full name Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky. He died on 7 August 1938. During the era after the Second World War, Stanislavsky system has great influence. The work of Stanislavsky contributed a lot to the development of socialist realism in Soviet Union. In United States, it contributed to the psychological realism. Here are other interesting facts about Stanislavsky for you:

Stanislavski Facts 1: the ideas and influences

The work of Stanislavsky represents different kinds of ideas and influences such as Russian formalism, avant-garde work, modernist characters, Pavlovian behavioural psychology, symbolism and many more.

Stanislavski Facts 2: the famous works of Stanislavski

The famous works of Stanislavski include My Life in Art, An Actor’s Work on a Role, and An Actor Prepares.

Stanislavski Actor

Stanislavski Actor

Stanislavski Facts 3: the birth name

The birth name of Stanislavski was Konstantin Sergeyevich Alexeyev. He was from the Alexeyevs. It was one of the wealthiest families in Russia. In 1884, he used Stanislavsky as his stage name. He chose it for he did not want his parents realize his performance activities.  Get facts about Shakespeare’s work here.

Stanislavski Facts 4: a professional actor

It was very taboo for him to become a professional actor since he came from a high class family. The social status of his family was high in Russia. The profession of an actor in Russia at that time was very low. The actor was only considered as the property of the nobility.

Stanislavski Facts

Stanislavski Facts

Stanislavski Facts 5: who were The Alexeyevs?

The Alexeyevs focused the business for manufacturing silver and gold. It was used for uniforms and military decoration.

Stanislavski Facts 6: the usage of wealth

He covered the expense for his theatrical experiments for directing and acting from his inherited money until the 1917 Russian revolution. Until he was 33 years old, Stanislavski only appeared as an amateur actor and direction. It made his family discourage his profession.



Stanislavski Facts 7: Stanislavski as a child

Since Stanislavski was raised in a rich family, there is no need to wonder that he was interested with puppetry, ballet and circus when he was a child. Get facts about pantomime here.

Stanislavski Facts 8: a fully equipped theater

Stanislavski was able to build the fully equipped theater at Lyubimovka after his father became the head of merchant class.

Stanislavski Pic

Stanislavski Pic

Stanislavski Facts 9: the second theater

In 1881, the second theater was built on Sadovaya Street at the mansion at Red Gates. In 1863 until 1903, Stanislavsky lived in the mansion.

Stanislavski Facts 10: education

Stanislavsky decided to focus on the family business. Therefore, he did not enroll in the university.

Stanislavski Picture

Stanislavski Picture

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