10 Interesting Hieronymus Bosch Facts

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Hieronymus Bosch facts present the interesting information about the famous easy Netherlandish painter in the world. This man was born with name Jheronimus van Aken. But people know him with Hieronymus Bosch. Most of his works were used to show the religious and moral values.

Hieronymus Bosch Facts 1: name

Let’s talk about his name first. His birth name was Jheronimus van Aken. Aken was derived from the word Aachen. Jheronimus was taken from the word Jerome. This name was a mix of the Latin and Middle Dutch form.

Hieronymus Bosch Facts 2: signature

Even though he used Hieronymus Bosch for his stage name, some of his paintings were signed with the name Jheronimus Bosch. The name Bosch was derived from his birthplace.

Hieronymus Bosch facts

Hieronymus Bosch facts

Hieronymus Bosch Facts 3: early life

His early life was very mysterious since there were no diaries or even letters left from him. The people only get the record of his life from his birthplace in Hertogenbosch.

Hieronymus Bosch Facts 4: date of birth

The exact date of birth of Hieronymus Bosch was not decided because experts cannot find any record about this information. However, people estimate that he was born circa 1450.

Hieronymus Bosch Image

Hieronymus Bosch Image

Hieronymus Bosch Facts 5: drawing and painting

When people see his paintings or drawing, they do not know the exact meaning of this painting because people cannot find out any record about his thought and personality.

Hieronymus Bosch Facts 6: place of living

All of his life, he spent time in a city located in Ducky of Brabant.

Hieronymus Bosch Painting

Hieronymus Bosch Painting

Hieronymus Bosch Facts 7: family life

It seems that the blood as a painter running in his family.  The grandfather of Hieronymus Bosch was a painter too. He was Jan van Aken. This man died in 1454. His grandfather had five sons. Some of them worked as a painter.

Hieronymus Bosch Facts 8: Hieronymus Bosch’s father

The father of Hieronymus Bosch named Anthonius van Aken was a painter too. People think that Hieronymus Bosch was taught by his father and uncles to paint. When his father was alive, he worked as an artistic adviser to the Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Blessed Lady.

Hieronymus Bosch Pic

Hieronymus Bosch Pic

Hieronymus Bosch Facts 9: municipal record

On April 5th, 1474, Bosch along with his two brothers and a sister appeared on the municipal record.

Hieronymus Bosch Facts 10: the popular painter

Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Blessed Lady was a popular painter group. He was one of the respected members in Brotherhood of Our Lady.

Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch

If you want to know the works of Brotherhood of Our Lady, you can visits the Prado Museum in Madrid. You can see The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things, The Garden of Earthly Delights and The Adoration of the Magi. Do you have any question on facts about Hieronymus Bosch?

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