10 Interesting George Bernard Shaw Facts

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Find out the interesting George Bernard Shaw facts in the following post below. If you want to know the man who was the co founder of the London School of Economic, read the post in detail. Shaw is also famous as an Irish playwright. His talent in drama, literary criticism and music was very impressive. Let’s find out about his works and personal life below:

George Bernard Shaw Facts 1: writing style

Shaw is very interested to write. He was not only involved with drama, but also in short story, novels and essays. He also loved to write comedy.

George Bernard Shaw Facts 2: issues

There are many kinds of issues which become the center of artwork by Shaw. He loved to write about religion, marriage, education, health care, government and class privilege.

Bernard Shaw

Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw Facts 3: working class

Shaw always defined himself as an ardent socialist. When he saw a working class was exploited, he was very upset. He tried to protest through the Fabian society by using his speeches and brochures.

George Bernard Shaw Facts 4: equal right

One idea which always comes across his mind was the equality between men and women. He also wanted the private ownership of a productive land. His struggle is also centered on the working class too.

George Bernard Shaw Facts

George Bernard Shaw Facts

George Bernard Shaw Facts 5: marriage

He married a fellow in Fabian society in 1898. The bride was Charlotte Payne-Townshend. Both lived in a house located in Ayto St Lawrence. The house now is called as Shaw’s corner.

George Bernard Shaw Facts 6: death

The death of Shaw was very tragic. He was very old at that time. When he fell from a ladder, he had injuries which led him to death. He was 94 years old at that time.

George Bernard Shaw Pic

George Bernard Shaw Pic

George Bernard Shaw Facts 7: award

The only person received an Oscar and Nobel Prize was Shaw. He got an Oscar in 1938 for his contribution in the movie Pygmalion.

George Bernard Shaw Facts 8: nobel Prize

Shaw got a Nobel Prize for literature. Actually he wanted to reject this award since he had no interest to regain any public honor. However, he accepted the Nobel Prize since his wife stated that it was a tribute to Ireland.

George Bernard Shaw Style

George Bernard Shaw Style

George Bernard Shaw Facts 9: date of birth

Shaw was born on July 26th 1856 in Synge Street Dublin. His parents were George Carr Shaw and Lucinda Elizabeth Shaw.

George Bernard Shaw Facts 10: education

His formal education was varied. At first, he was enrolled at Wesley College, Dublin. He moved to Dublin’s Central Model School.

George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw

Shaw is very dedicated to her Fabian Society. It was a middle class organization founded in 1884. Are you inspired with facts about George Bernard Shaw?

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