10 Interesting Hunter Hayes Facts

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Hunter Hayes facts give you inspirational information about one of the wonderful musicians in the world. He became this country superstar when he was only 21 years old. In 2011, he created his own sell titled debut album. It was very successful. You can see his popular tracks such as Somebody’s Heartbreak and Wanted.

Hunter Hayes Facts 1: flying

Not many people know that Hayes can fly on the sky. He likes flying and jumping from the planes. Actually he wants to get a pilot license. He still works for it.

Hunter Hayes Facts 2: accordion

Hayes is an accordion collector. He got his first toy accordion from his grandmother when he was only two years old. His father will give him a new accordion if he broke his accordion and fixed the broken one. Today, he had a collection of 30 accordions.

Hunter Hayes Cute

Hunter Hayes Cute

Hunter Hayes Facts 3: the first band

When he was only four years old, he had his first band. He was not shy to make a simple performance in front of anyone.

Hunter Hayes Facts 4: one man band

People call him as one man band. He can play different kinds of instruments. He learned to play many instruments. The only musical instrument that he was not capable of playing includes saxophone.

Hunter Hayes facts

Hunter Hayes facts

Hunter Hayes Facts 5: famous fans

Hayes always has well known fans. When he sang on stage, Hank William Jr., joined him on stage.

Hunter Hayes Facts 6: a movie star

Even though his main profession is a singer, he also takes part in some movies. You can see him in a cameo role within Frankie Muniz’s movie, My Dog Skip.

Hunter Hayes Look

Hunter Hayes Look

Hunter Hayes Facts 7: TV cameras

He was not surprised with TV camera. He used to it. He was a guest in the Figure It out. It was a 90s Nickelodeon game how. He also took part as a guest on Maury.

Hunter Hayes Facts 8: a cross necklace

He considered his cross necklace a luck charm for him. There is an inscription on the necklace. It was written of loving music.

Hunter Hayes Style

Hunter Hayes Style

Hunter Hayes Facts 9: a guitar

He got his first guitar from Robert Duvall. Duvall was an academy award winner.  He gave him the first guitar for him when he was only 6 years old.

Hunter Hayes Facts 10: caffeine

It seems that Hayes is a coffee addict. To keep him going, he has to drink caffeine.

If you want to know about Hayes, you need to check his biography. Don’t forget to listen to his voice and see the way he plays the musical instrument. Do you have any opinion on facts about Hunter Hayes?

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