10 Interesting John Glenn Facts

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Get the information about the first American person to orbit the earth in John Glenn facts. You can find out about his personal life, achievement and journey in his military career by reading the following facts about John Glenn below:

John Glenn Facts 1: date of birth

The famous man was born on 18th July 1921 in Cambridge, Ohio. His full name is John Herschel Glenn, Jr. His father is only a plumber named John Glenn, Sr. His mother was Clara Sproat Glenn.

John Glenn Facts 2: personal life

John Glenn married to Anna Margaret Castor on 6th April 1943. Both have two children. The first child is Carolyn Ann who was born on 19th March 1947. The second one is John David who was born 13th December 1945.

John Glenn Army

John Glenn Army

John Glenn Facts 3: educational background

He was the student in Muskingum College from 1939 to 1942. He served the United States Marine Corps with the position as a Colonel from 1943 to 1965.

John Glenn Facts 4: mission

During the World War II and Korean War, he was in 149 missions. With such a big contribution, Glenn collected a lot of achievements such as The Distinguished Flying Cross on six occasions and some medals.

John Glenn Astronout

John Glenn Astronaut

John Glenn Facts 5: a pilot of US Marine

He became the pilot of US marine in 1943 after he finished a flight training program. In March 1942, he was enrolled to the Naval Aviation Cadet program.

John Glenn Facts 6: world War II service

He participated in World War II in 1944. At that time, he flew for 59 combat missions. In Korean War, he has 90 combat missions in 1953. During the Korean mission, 63 missions were with the Marine fighter squadron 311, while the rest 27 missions were with the 5th United States Air Force.

John Glenn Facts

John Glenn Facts

John Glenn Facts 7: a pilot test

At the Naval Air test center located in Maryland, John Glenn enrolled to a test pilot school after he finished with the Korean War in 1954 to 1956. In 1957, He made a fascinating record for his flying speed. He only needed 3 hours and 23 minutes to reach New York from Los Angeles.

John Glenn Facts 8: Project Mercury

Due to his contribution and skill, he was appointed to take part in Project Mercury. He was appointed by NASA as one of the seven astronauts in April 1959.

John Glenn Pic

John Glenn Pic

John Glenn Facts 9: backup pilot

John Glenn was appointed as the backup pilot since he was the oldest one in the groups. Other members in the Project mercury include Virgil I. Grissom and Alan B Sheppard Jr. Find out another prominent astronaut in Neil Armstrong facts.

John Glenn Facts 10: the Friendship 7

The Friendship 7 is the name of the space capsule launched by an atlas rocket in February 20, 1962. It set the record for the capsule with Glenn inside it circling the earth in 4 hours and 56 minutes for 3 times. It made him as the first American to orbit the earth.

John Glenn

John Glenn

John Glenn decided to resign from the astronaut program of NASA in January 1964. Are you inspired with facts about John Glenn?

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