10 Interesting Male Reproductive System Facts

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Male Reproductive System Facts talk about the below the belt anatomy of men. Many men are not comfortable when talking about their reproduction with their spouse.  Rather than staying mum, an open discussion about it should be conducted so that both parties know the facts rather than believing the myth about male reproductive system. Here are the facts about male reproduction for you:

Male Reproductive System Facts 1: breaking the penis

Even though there is no bone on penis, you have to be careful when doing sex. Penis can break if you do it roughly. This condition is called penis fracture. It happens if the membranes located on blood filled penile chambers break. The penis bends because of the fracture. You need to call the doctor to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the penis.

Male Reproductive System Facts 2: penis needs exercise

If you think that penis does not need exercise, you are wrong. The penis just like our body needs exercise if you want to have capable erection. Get facts about reproductive system here.

Male Reproductive Organs

Male Reproductive Organs

Male Reproductive System Facts 3: smoking

The male reproductive system will be ruined if you like smoking. You have to care the penis, lung and heart by stop smoking. The genitalia will be shortened one centimeter if you smoke a lot.

Male Reproductive System Facts 4: the foreskin

Maybe you never realize that the foreskin of the circumcised infant can generate 23,000 square meter of skin.

Male Reproductive System and Parts

Male Reproductive System and Parts

Male Reproductive System Facts 5: circumcision

Some men think that circumcision is important while others are not. Do you know that only 30 percent of the men in the world have their penis circumcised?

Male Reproductive System Facts 6: types of penises

There are two types of penises. They are showers and growers.  The showers are characterized with the big size. When it erects, it will never grow bigger. The growers are characterized with expansion when it erects. Check out animal reproduction facts here.

Male Reproductive System Facts

Male Reproductive System Facts

Male Reproductive System Facts 7: the showers and growers

The survey finds out that there are 21 percent men are showers, while the growers are 79 percents.

Male Reproductive System Facts 8: the size

Don’t be preoccupied with the size of penis if it is only for the reproductive purpose. The longer penis gives you better semen displacement.

Male Reproductive System Pic

Male Reproductive System Pic

Male Reproductive System Facts 9: King Fatefehi of Tonga

King Fatefehi of Tonga can be the happiest king on earth. The report states that in 1770 till 1784, he had deflowered 37,800 women.

Male Reproductive System Facts 10: ejaculation

The order for ejaculation comes from the spinal cord, not the brain.

Male Reproductive System

Male Reproductive System

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