10 Interesting Sparta Facts

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Sparta Facts tell you about one of the important city state in the ancient Greeks. The location of Sparta was at the bank of Euratos River in Laconia. In 10th century BC, Sparta came up s a political entity. It became the dominant land power in ancient Greek in 650 BC. Sparta was famous with it strong and powerful military. During the Greco-Persian Wars, Sparta was considered as the overall leader of the combined Greek troops. Find out more interesting facts about Sparta bellows

Sparta Facts 1: Peloponnesian War

Peloponnesian War was one of prominent wars in ancient Greek. During the Peloponnesian War which occurred in 431 and 404 BC, the principal enemy of Sparta was Athens. Sparta won the battle even though it cost a lot of lives. Find out facts about Athens here.

Sparta Facts 2: Battle of Leuctra

Battle of Leuctra took place in 371 BC. Thebes defeated Sparta during the battle. It was an important event which made Sparta’s dominance in Greece ended.

Sparta Pic

Sparta Pic

Sparta Facts 3: the political independence

Even though the Sparta was defeated, it still gained the political independence. But it had to follow the rules of Romans after Greece was conquered in 146 BC.

Sparta Facts 4: the decline

The serious decline of Sparta was seen during the middle Ages. There were many Spartans who decided to leave the region and stayed in Mystras.

Sparta Facts

Sparta Facts

Sparta Facts 5: the modern Sparta

If you are interested to check the modern Sparta, you can go to Laconia. It serves as the capital of Greek regional unit. Laconia is also used as prominent place to process the valuable goods such as olives and citrus.

Sparta Facts 6: the unique city state

Sparta is considered as a unique city state in Greece. The people who lived in Sparta focused their life more on the military training. There is no need to wonder that the Spartans excelled more during the wars and battle. Get facts about Greece here.

Sparta Movie

Sparta Movie

Sparta Facts 7: the classification of the inhabitants in Sparta

Let’s find the classification of inhabitants in Sparta. The people who got the full rights in Sparta were the Spartan citizens.

Sparta Facts 8: other inhabitants

Other inhabitants in Sparta included the non Spartan fee men, yet they were raised as Spartans. These people were called mothakes. The freedmen were called perioikoi. The enslaved non Spartan people and state owned serfs were the helots.

Sparta Site

Sparta Site

Sparta Facts 9: the women in Sparta

The women in Sparta had great equality with men. The women also earned more rights in Sparta.

Sparta Facts 10: the peak of Sparta

During the golden age of Sparta, the city state was inhabited by 20,000 until 35,000 free people in 500 BC.

Sparta Picture

Sparta Picture

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