10 Interesting Greece Facts

Saturday, March 1st 2014. | Countries

Let me explain Greece facts for those who want to know the history, mythology and popular tourist attraction in Greece. Once, this country was very famous around the world with its wonderful philosophers and mythology. But now Greece is not really great.  Here are the interesting facts about Greece:

Greece Facts 1: population and area

The country is inhabited by 10 million people. The size of the area is 131,958 square kilometer or 50,949 square miles.   The size of the country is similar with the size of Alabama.

Greece Facts 2: foreign tourists

Greece has attractions. Many people in the world like to visit the country.  Every year, it is estimated to be visited by 16.5 million tourists around the world.



Greece Facts 3: olive

The production of olive oil is very high in Greece. Therefore, this country is ranked as the third leading producer of olives. The olives are very important to life of the Greek people since the ancient era.

Greece Facts 4: Greek mythology

Olive has something to do with the Greek Mythology. The legend states that there is a competition between Poseidon and Athena to be the guardian of the city. Since Athena gave olives to the city which was considered to be more precious, she became the guardian. At that time, Poseidon only gave water.

Greece Attraction

Greece Attraction

Greece Facts 5: topography

People love to visit Greece because it has wonderful scenery and topography.  It is filled with rocky and mountainous terrain.

Greece Facts 6: people

More than 98 percent of the people living in Greece are ethnic Greek. The remaining includes Bulgarian, gypsies, Armenian, Macedonian and Albanians.

Greece Resort

Greece Resort

Greece Facts 7: Greek

Even though Greek language is not as popular as English, France and German, many people all over the world speak this language. The people who speak Greek are around 12 million. You can find them in Greece, US, Turkey, Cyprus, Albania, and Italy.

Greece Facts 8: islands

Greece is filled with more than 2000 islands. The biggest island in Greece is called Crete. It has area of 8,260 square kilometer.

Greece Tour

Greece Tour

Greece Facts 9: archaeological museums

If you want to learn the ancient Greece, you need to visit the archaeological museums in the country. Compared to any other countries in the world, Greece has more museums.

Greece Facts10: national sport

The national sport in Greece is football. The people living in US call it soccer.



The national cheese in Greece is Feta.  This cheese is produced from the milk of goat. Many people in the country love to consume it. What do you think on facts about Greece?

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