10 Interesting Elizabethan Theatre Facts

Friday, January 10th 2014. | History

Elizabethan Theatre facts will be my topic of discussion. People gain interest in recognizing about the fact related to Elizabethan Theatre nowadays. It is because they may learn about the theater to be the aspect of history. So, are you interested as well?

Elizabethan Theatre Facts 1: 1576

First basic fact that you should know is about the year of 1576. It was the first time people perform plays within the theater. It is because there is no such theater until such year. Usually, the theaters were performed within courtyards.

Elizabethan Theatre Facts 2: James Burbage

Do you know James Burbage? He and John Brayne (his brother-in-law) built the theater during the year 1576. In that time, the theater’s name is “The Theatre”. This information still becomes rarely to understand for people. So, what do you think about it?

Elizabethan Theatre facts

Elizabethan Theatre facts

Elizabethan Theatre Facts 3: Coliseum style

This theater has the similarity to Coliseum. The only difference is about the scale only. The interesting part, you can find other Elizabethan theaters there which also apply such kind of architecture style. Those theaters were called amphitheaters.

Elizabethan Theatre Facts 4: other usages

You need to know about how the theatres can be used as well for other activities instead of plays performance. People there used to do gambling, bear baiting, and other immoral activities. I believe not all people understand this.

Elizabethan Theatre Image

Elizabethan Theatre Image

Elizabethan Theatre Facts 5: the crowds

You can find out about huge crowds which usually fill the theater. The amount can be around 3000 people. The amount can increase as the time goes by actually. Such theater has the huge capacity as well for people to do performance.

Elizabethan Theatre Facts 6: Two Globe Theaters

Elizabethan Theatre is also called as Globe Theater. In fact, Shakespeare has built two Globe Theaters.

Elizabethan Theatre Pic

Elizabethan Theatre Pic

Elizabethan Theatre Facts 7: Peter Smith

Do you know who built Globe Theater? It was Peter Smith. He built the theater along with his workforce. The beginning was in 1597 and the finish is within 1598.

Elizabethan Theatre Facts 8:  Puritans

The Theater has suffered from problems with the Puritans. The fact is that any Londoners were strict in their religion. They considered the Theater to be bad influence of the society.

Elizabethan Theatre

Elizabethan Theatre

Elizabethan Theatre Facts 9: the rejection

There were many rejections of the Theater among society especially from the Church. Even Officials from City of London did the same.

Elizabethan Theatre Facts 10: the removal

Any of Theaters which were in the City were forced to move. It was to the South part of River Thames.



Reading facts about Elizabethan Theatre will add knowledge about Globe Theaters in London. It is good for history learning as well.

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