10 Interesting Salem Witch Trials Facts

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Salem Witch Trials facts explain the fascinating information about the people who accused to practice any witchcraft. The first one who accused to practice with witchcraft was Bridget Sarah Bishop. This woman was the first one to be hanged. If you are interested to find out more about Salem witch trials, see the following facts below:

Salem Witch Trials Facts 1: The Accused People Salem Witch Trials

There were 200 people accused for practicing witchcraft. It is considered as the only massive witch hunting in America.

Salem Witch Trials Facts 2: Nathaniel Saltonstall

Nathaniel Saltonstall was the judge in Salem Witch Trials. He was eliminated from the judge’s benches after Bridget Bishop was executed. Other prominent citizens in the country were accused with witchcrafts activity. The witch hunting activity was reduced because of many important citizens involved in witchcraft.

Salem Witch Trials Facts

Salem Witch Trials Facts

Salem Witch Trials Facts 3:  Sarah Good

Reverand Noyes accused Sarah Good as a witch. He defended herself by saying to Noyes that if he took away her life, the god will give him blood to drink. When Noyes was dying, he choked on his own blood.

Salem Witch Trials Facts 4: Rebecca Nurse

Rebecca Nurse was originally found not guilty. 39 neighbors who signed a petition stated that she could not be a witch. Bu she was retried. The judge found her guilty and hanged.

Punishment in Salem Witch Trials

Punishment in Salem Witch Trials

Salem Witch Trials Facts 5: Tittuba

The hysteria regarding to the witchcraft in the country was started from the fortune telling trick of Tittuba.  She taught Paris to drop the eggs whites in to warm water. She would see the face for her true love. However, he was hysterical after seeing her coffin. Thus, people began to have a great concern on the witch and devil.

Salem Witch Trials Facts 6: Hanged People

There are 200 accused people who practiced witchcrafts. 19 of them were hanged. In 1692, there were eight more people hanged.

Salem Witch Trials

Salem Witch Trials

Salem Witch Trials Facts 7: Ergot Fungus

Ergot fungus is considered as the possible reason which created hysteria of hunting the witches.  The fungus creates damages on the central nervous system. It usually grew on rye wheat. It affects people when they eat milk or eat bread.

Salem Witch Trials Facts 8: Catching the Witch

There were several ways that people do when they caught the witches. They usually tied up the accused witches on water. If they survived by floating, they are considered as a witch.

Salem Witch

Salem Witch

Salem Witch Trials Facts 9: Lord’s Prayer

Lord’s Prayer should be repeated by the accused person carefully if she or he wanted to be free from the witch hunt. Many people at that time thought that a witch must not be able to repeat the Lord’s Prayer because they read it backwards.

Salem Witch Trials Facts 10: Cotton Mather

F. Mather thought that witch trials were very necessary to conduct.

Salem Witch Trials Facts

Salem Witch Trials Facts

Salem witch trials present eda unique historical event in US. You can learn more on facts about Salem Witch trials in the next explanation.


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