10 Interesting Anne Frank Facts

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013. | History

Anne Frank facts give you the information about one of the inspirational girls in the world. Anne lived in a very difficult situation because she did not fit as the Hitler’s image of a perfect German. She was born as Jews so that she had to be abolished with other Jewish children and adults. What makes her famous is the diary of Anne Frank. Here are some facts that you can learn:

Anne Frank Facts 1: Who is Anne Frank?

I know that this is the first question coming on your mind. When I read about Anne Frank I also have the similar question too. Anne Frank is only an ordinary Jewish girl. Just like the rest of the children, Anne liked to ride a bike, played with toys and went to the beach.

Anne Frank Facts 2: Inspirational Girl

Anne Frank is an inspirational girl. She shared her thought and hopes through her diary. She gained her fame after her diary was published in 1947 in Dutch. Many people read his diary and get more inspiration.

Anne Frank Facts

Anne Frank Facts

Anne Frank Facts 3: World War II

Anne Frank Lived during the World War II. Many jewfish people were imprisoned and then killed by the German Nazi. Hitler had his point of view about the perfect German who will rule the world. He thought that the undesirable people like gypsies and Jews should be banished from the earth.

Anne Frank Facts 4: Killed Victims

Hitler had killed at least 6 million Jews by the end of World War II.

Anne Frank Family

Anne Frank Family

Anne Frank Facts 5: Religious Belief

Anne Frank and other Jewish people were killed by Hitler and Nazi because they have different religion. They made the Jewish people think that they were subordinate and inadequate. Civil war facts give you more info about a war in US.

Anne Frank Facts 6: Laws

Through her diary, there are many laws that Jews had to obey. They were forbidden to use trams and had to wear a yellow star. The form of entertainment and public spot center should never be accessed by Jews. They only had to use a bike.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Anne Frank Facts 7: The Importance of Anne Frank Diary

Anne Frank diary was very important to the life of human being. It described the life of Jews living during the WW II. They have to struggle hard to stay survive. If you want to know the real war in US, look at the Battle of Shiloh facts.

Anne Frank Facts 8: A Good Diary

Anne Frank called her diary as Kitty. She received the diary from her parents as a gift for her 13th birthday in 1942.



Anne Frank Facts 9: Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp

When she was alive, she was not famous. She died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She gained the fame after Otto Frank; the only survived member in the family published her diary. She died because of typhus.

Anne Frank Facts 10: Early Life

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt Germany on 12 June 1929. Her parents were Edith Frank and Otto Frank. She had a sister named Margot.

Cute Anne Frank

Cute Anne Frank

On June 14, 1943 Anne Frank began to write her diary. She described the life as being a Jews as well as what she felt when her family went hiding. Are you touched by facts about Anne Frank?

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