10 Interesting Athens Facts

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One of the cities in the world with the longest history is Athena. When people want to recognize the human civilization and science, they need to look at what happened in the past in Athens. In the ancient time, this city was considered as the richest and powerful city. Many events occurred in Athens. Find out more on the facts below:

Athens Facts 1: the oldest city

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. The origin of this city was dated back around 3000 BC. That’s why this city is always called as the cradle of the civilization. Many things are created here such as the Olympic Games, western philosophy, literature, sciences, and mathematics.

Athens Facts 2: home of god

When you talk about Athens, you should never forget about the gods of the Greece. Each god in the ancient Greek has special power and characteristics. Some of them include Zeus, Poseidon, and Athena.



Athens Facts 3: Origins of the Theater

The origin of theater was performed in Athens. To honor Dionysus, the Greek tragedies were played. When the people played the comedies or even tragedies on stage, they wore masks. Only boys were allowed to perform on stage.

Athens Facts 4: The first Olympic Games

The first Olympic Games were performed in Athens. They were held around 776 BC. The winner on the games will be gifted olive wreathe. People all over Greece wanted to watch the games.

Athens at night

Athens at night

Athens Facts 5: modern Olympic games

The modern Olympics game was firstly held in the city in 1896.  In 2004, the city once again became the host of the Olympic Game.

Athens Facts 6: Acropolis

Acropolis is the sacred hill on Athens. It is the place where the people build a temple to honor their god. The most famous building is Parthenon used to worship goddess Athena.

Athens city

Athens city

Athens Facts 7: name

The name Athens was derived from the name of the goddess Athena. It is believed Athena was the protector of the city.

Athens Facts 8: survival of Acropolis

Acropolis is considered as a powerful place because it can resist from any kinds of wars, disasters, and invasions for more than 20 centuries.

Athens facts

Athens facts

Athens Facts 9: LUZ

Athens is placed on the eighth position of the most populated LUZ in the European Union. LUZ itself stands for Larger Urban Zone.

Athens Facts 10: archeological research

When people want to make a research on archeology, one of the main sites to go is Athens. Each year, many people all over the world come to Athena to study and research.

Athens harbor

Athens harbor

There are many thinkers coming from Greece. Some of them include Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles and many more. Are you interested to find out more facts about Athens?

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