10 Interesting Mount Pelee Facts

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If you are interested to find out the detail facts about one of the famous mountains in Hawaii, you can read Mount Pelee Facts. The name of the mountain is taken from the Hawaiian goddess of fire, Pele. Get more facts below:

Mount Pelee Facts 1: the last eruption

In 1929 – 1932, Mount Pelee had the last eruptions.   Those eruptions were considered milder if they were compared with the 1902 eruption in Mount Pelee.

Mount Pelee Facts 2: location

Mount Pelee is situated on the island of Martinique, West Indies. Today, France controls Martinique. You can find an observatory created by French on Mount Pelee. Check Martinique facts here.

Mount Pelee Cost

Mount Pelee Cost

Mount Pelee Facts 3: height

Can you tell me the height of Mount Pelee? It has the height of 4,583 feet above sea level.

Mount Pelee Facts 4: is it an active volcano

Today people should never be afraid with Mount Pelee because it is no longer active. The famous eruption of the volcano occurred in 1902. It was in the dormant in 1851 until 1902.

Mount Pelee Eruption

Mount Pelee Eruption

Mount Pelee Facts 5: stratovolcano

Mount Pelee is included as Stratovolcano Mountain. It has the shape like a cone. When it erupted, it exploded the lava and ash.

Mount Pelee Facts 6: The Tower of Pelee

The Tower of Pelee grew for 11 months before it fell. This tower was created from a lava dome. The tower is higher than the size of Washington Monument when it came in the full height. Unfortunately, it was collapsed.

Mount Pelee Facts

Mount Pelee Facts

Mount Pelee Facts 7: Saint Pierre

If you visit the southwest area of Mount Pelee, you can see Saint Pierre.  It is the first rum exporter in the world since 1900s.

Mount Pelee Facts 8: destruction of 1902

The destruction on Mount Pelee in 1902 made the people around the world paid more attention about the danger of an active volcano.

Mount Pelee Scenery

Mount Pelee Scenery

Mount Pelee Facts 9: eruption in 1929

Another eruption of Mount Pelee occurred on 16 September 1929. The people in the vicinity of the mountain were evacuated immediately.  Compared to the eruption in 1902, it was milder.

Mount Pelee Facts 10: the location of volcano in 2012

Since 2012, the volcano of Mount Pelee was situated above Martinique and Saint Pierre.

Mount Pelee

Mount Pelee

After the last eruption in Mount Pelee, the city of Saint Pierre was reconstructed. It was inhabited by 4,544 people in 2004. Please comment on facts about Mount Pelee!

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