10 Interesting Kashmir Facts

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Let’s find out one of the beautiful cities in the world by reading Kashmir facts. This city is the home to the famous the Valley of Kashmir. People love to go here because it is beautiful and looks like a paradise. Find out more about Kashmir by reading the following post:

Kashmir Facts 1: Jahangir

Jahangir was Chagatai Turkic Mughal emperor. He was amazed with the beauty of the valley Kashmir. He called it as the paradise of earth.

Kashmir Facts 2: Literacy level

It is a surprising fact to know that the people living in Kashmir have higher literacy level if you compare it with the people living in the neighboring Pakistan and India.

Kashmir Beauty

Kashmir Beauty

Kashmir Facts 3: measurement of the valley

Are you curious about the length and width of the valley? It is measured around 135 km length and 32 km width.

Kashmir Facts 4: Shrinagari

Shrinagari is the first capital of valley Kashmir.  The founder of the capital was the Buddhist emperor Ashoka.  Hinduism was introduced in the valley in the 9th century. Then both religions are embedded in the life of the people in Kashmir. See another place with great beauty in Karachi facts.

Kashmir facts

Kashmir facts

Kashmir Facts 5: Buddhism rule

Buddhism rule in Kashmir was ended after the Mongol leader Duluch created an invasion in 14th century. The valley was ruled by an Islamic leader. The first one is Shah Mir Swati.

Kashmir Facts 6: rivalry

Kashmir is the main subject of rivalry among countries in Asia.  The neighboring nations such as Pakistan, Indian and China want to have Kashmir as a part of their nation.

Kashmir Flowers

Kashmir Flowers

Kashmir Facts 7: beauty of the valley

There is no need to wonder that India, Pakistan and China wanted to control some parts of the valley. People are amazed with the rich and beautiful vegetation in the valley. Some people often describe the valley as the Nature’s Show Window and Switzerland of Asia.

Kashmir Facts 8: tourist attractions

There are many tourism objects that you can visit in Kashmir. You can go to Sonamarg, Hazratbal, Nagin Lake, Dal Lake, Shankracharya, Dachigam, Mughal Gardens, Houseboats and many more.

Kashmir Pic

Kashmir Pic

Kashmir Facts 9: diversity in religion

There are three major religions that you can find in Kashmir. You can see that people practice Islam, Buddhism and Hindu. There is no need to wonder when people celebrate some important events such as Navratri, Eid-ul-Fitr, Baisakhi, Eid-ul-Zoha, and Lohri.

Kashmir Facts 10: power

Kashmir can produce thousand of megawatt of power from the water resources in the valley. Some regions in Kashmir are filled with water.



Kashmir can be one of the greatest tourism destinations in the world despite the rivalry among the neighboring countries. Do you have any objection on facts about Kashmir?

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