10 Interesting the Middle Colonies Facts

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The middle region of 13 colonies of British Empire is explained on The Middle Colonies Facts. The location of the colonies was in North America. Before the British controlled the region, it was included in New Netherland. Around 1664, there was a war between the Dutch and English where the latter one was capable for capturing the land. Later, it was established as Province of New York. Check other interesting facts about the Middle Colonies below:

The Middle Colonies Facts 1: ownerships of the land

The other ownership of the land then was granted by the King of England and Duke of York. The new land later was established into Province of New Jersey and Province of Pennsylvania.

The Middle Colonies Facts 2: William Penn

William Penn was the founder of Delaware Colony which separated from Pennsylvania. Get facts about the early 1900 in America here.

the Middle Colonies Facts

the Middle Colonies Facts

The Middle Colonies Facts 3: the soil in Middle Colonies

The soil in Middle Colonies was very rich. That’s why the local people became the major producers of wheat and different types of grains.

The Middle Colonies Facts 4: the industries

The industries in Middle Colonies also flourished. The iron and textile industry was moderately successful in Pennsylvania due to the rich forest. Check facts about Native Americans here.

the Middle Colonies Images

the Middle Colonies Images

The Middle Colonies Facts 5: the unique features of Middle Colonies

The Middle Colonies were different from other British Colonies in North America because the settlers had diverse religions and ethnics. They were from different parts of Europe.

The Middle Colonies Facts 6: the immigrants

In 18th century, the Middle Colonies were filled with a lot of immigrants due to the civil unrest in other colonies and in Europe.

the Middle Colonies Pic

the Middle Colonies Pic

The Middle Colonies Facts 7: the freedom of religions laws

There was a freedom of religion laws in Middle Colonies to protect the people who embraced different religions. It made the colonies special due to the presence of religious tolerance.

The Middle Colonies Facts 8: New Jersey

The land located west of Hudson River was renamed New Jersey by King Charles II. The Duke of York which later became King James II of England was granted a region located between New England and Maryland.

the Middle Colonies Pictures

the Middle Colonies Pictures

The Middle Colonies Facts 9: the Province of New Jersey

The land located between the Hudson River and Delaware River was given to Sir George Carteret and Lord Berkeley of Stratton. Both were considered as the loyal friends of James II who helped him during the English Civil War. Then the land was used to establish the Province of New Jersey.

The Middle Colonies Facts 10: the first governor

Philip Carteret was the first governor of New Jersey. Elizabethtown was established by him.

the Middle Colonies Map

the Middle Colonies Map

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