10 Interesting Slave Trade Facts

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Get the interesting slave trade facts by reading the following post below. This event occurred during the 16th to 19th centuries when the people transported the slaves across the Atlantic Ocean. That’s why it was called transatlantic slave trade or Atlantic slave trade.

Slave Trade Facts 1: the New World

Most slaves were traded to the New World due to the high demand in the country after the invention of cotton gin. The people needed more slaves to work on the plantation.

Slave Trade Facts 2: the African people

The slaves were the African people from the western and central parts of the continent. They were sold to the western European slave traders by the western African people. Then these slaves were sent to America as slaves. Get facts about American History.

Slave Trade Facts

Slave Trade Facts

Slave Trade Facts 3: South America

Most African slaves were brought to South America because of the high demand in the area. The people in South mostly laid their economy on the plantation. On the other hand, the North American people only had few slaves.

Slave Trade Facts 4: the economy system

Let’s find out the economy system of the South.  The Southern people produced the commodity crops, created goods and sold them to European people.

Slave Trade Image

Slave Trade Image

Slave Trade Facts 5: the first country which had the slave trade

The first country which had the slave trade was Portuguese. In 1526, the Portuguese sold the slaves in the New World.

Slave Trade Facts 6: the slaves as cargo

The slaves were not viewed as human being. The slaves were considered as cargo that had to be transported cheaply and quickly to the intended country.

Slave Trade Picture

Slave Trade Picture

Slave Trade Facts 7: the labor

The slaves transported to the New World would engage in various labors. They worked in the cotton, sugar, cocoa, coffee and tobacco plantations.

Slave Trade Facts 8: other jobs

Other slaves in the New World also became the domestic servants, involved in the construction industry, worked in the rice fields, silver and gold mines. Find out facts about American Revolution here.

Slave Trade

Slave Trade

Slave Trade Facts 9: the racial caste

The racial caste was applied in the institution of slavery in the mid 17th century. The children of the slave mother were the property of their masters. They were also considered as slaves. The master had the right to sell them or even used them in the labor.

Slave Trade Facts 10: the number of slaves

It is estimated that there were 12 million African people shipped during the Atlantic slave trade. But many people believe that the number of the slaves was bigger.

Slave Trade Route

Slave Trade Route

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