10 Interesting Sins and Needles Facts

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Sins and Needles Facts talk about one of the famous books in the world. Have you ever read this book? If you have not, you have to read it for the book earns positive reviews from the readers. This book is not suitable for kids. It is intended for the adult readers. Here are other interesting facts about Sins and Needles to know:

Sins and Needles Facts 1: a prequel

Sins and Needles is a prequel for On Every Street. It is considered as the first book in the Artist Trilogy. In March 2013, the second book was released. ON Every Street is a novella.  In May 2013, the sequel was released with the title Shooting Scars. On 15 October 2013, the readers enjoyed the final and third book of the Artist Trilogy.

Sins and Needles Facts 2: the author of Sins and Needles

Let’s find out the author of Sins and Needles. The book was written by Karina Halle. This female writer was born in Vancouver, Canada.

Sins and Needles Book

Sins and Needles Book

Sins and Needles Facts 3: the genre

There are various genres that Karina Halle employs to create her books. You can find the horror, romantic, and suspense books by Karina Halle in the book stores. Get facts about science fictions here.

Sins and Needles Facts 4: influences

There are several authors who influence Karina Halle when she makes her books. Some of them include Mike Patton, Michael Crichton, Christopher Poke and Stephen King.

Sins and Needles Facts

Sins and Needles Facts

Sins and Needles Facts 5: who is Karina Halle?

Before Karina Halle decides to become a full writer, she worked as a music journalist and travel writer.

Sins and Needles Facts 6: the bestselling author

After she decides to become a full time author, she is famous and regarded as one of the bestselling authors. Get facts about Midsummer Night’s Dream here.

Sins and Needles Picture

Sins and Needles Picture

Sins and Needles Facts 7: the books of Karina Halle

Besides Sins and Needles, Karina Halle also writes Racing the Sun, Where Sea Meets Sky, Dirty Angels, The Artists Trilogy, and many more.

Sins and Needles Facts 8: the present life of Karina Hale

Now Karina Halle lives with her husband on an island off the cost of British Columbia. She also has a rescue pup.

Sins and Needles

Sins and Needles

Sins and Needles Facts 9: hobbies and personal interest

Besides writing, Karina Halle also spends her time reading books, hiking the trails and drinking wine.

Sins and Needles Facts 10: the publisher

Atria Books/Simon & Schuster and Hachette is the publisher of Halle’s books in United Kingdom and North America. If you are interested to know more about Karina Halle, you can check her official websites and social media.

Facts about Sins and Needles

Facts about Sins and Needles

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