10 Interesting Huckleberry Finn Facts

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Huckleberry Finn facts give you the information about the famous work by Mark Twain. This story has inspired many children all over the world with her adventure. The full title of Twain’s novel is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Even though Twain is gone, his story is still popular until this present day. There is some various movies from Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. Let’s find out the facts about Huckleberry Finn below:

Huckleberry Finn Facts 1: author

Do you know the famous author of Huckleberry Finn? He is Mark Twain. He is more popular under the pseudonym of Samuel Clemens.

Huckleberry Finn Facts 2: language

When it was firstly published, the language of this novel is English. Twain often used the black and southern dialects. But now the story has been translated in various languages to reach wider readers all over the world.

Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn Facts 3: genre

If you have read Huckleberry Finn, can you tell me the genre of this novel? It is considered as bildungroman which is good for the children since it give them moral and education. Some people also call its genre of picaresque novel. It means that this novel is scenery on the quest of journey.

Huckleberry Finn Facts 4: publishing

The novel Huckleberry Finn was firstly published by Charles L. Webster & Co in 1884.

Huckleberry Finn Facts

Huckleberry Finn Facts

Huckleberry Finn Facts 5: narrator

The narrator in the novel was Huckleberry Finn. Even though it is a romantic and adventures novel, most of the tones used in the words are mocking and ironic.

Huckleberry Finn Facts 6: time and place written

The novel was written around 1876 to 1883 in various places such as New York, Elmira, Connecticut and Hartford.

Huckleberry Finn Pic

Huckleberry Finn Pic

Huckleberry Finn Facts 7: setting time and place

Are you curious about the setting time and place of Huckleberry Finn?  The setting place includes the various places along the river in Arkansas, Missouri and Mississippi River Town.  Talking about the setting of time, it was between 1835 and 1845 before the civil war.

Huckleberry Finn Facts 8: themes

The themes that people can learn after reading Huckleberry Finn include slavery, racism, moral education and hypocrisy of the society at that time.

Huckleberry Finn Novel

Huckleberry Finn Novel

Huckleberry Finn Facts 9: huckleberry Finn

The main character in the novel is huckleberry Finn. People call her Rumples, Finster or Hucke. She was a wonderful banjo player even though she was a bit rustic and rude due to her limited education.

Huckleberry Finn Facts 10:  Tom Sawyer

When we talk about Huckleberry Finn, when should never forget to talk about Tom Sawyer. Both are her best pal.

Huckleberry Finn Story

Huckleberry Finn Story

You can also read the adventure of Tom Sawyer after reading the book of Huckleberry Finn. Both become the main characters in Twain’s novels. Are you fascinated with facts about Huckleberry Finn?

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