10 Interesting Gold Facts

Monday, February 24th 2014. | Jewelry

Gold facts provide the information about the element of gold. Gold is considered as one of the precious materials in the world. The price of gold is getting higher from time to time. This element cannot be reproduced. It is the natural element on earth. Find out about gold facts below:

Gold Facts 1: golden or yellow

The only metal element which has the yellow or golden color is gold.  The yellowish color is seen after the element is reacted or oxidized with chemicals.

Gold Facts 2: symbol

In the periodic system, gold has the element symbol of Au. It is derived from the old Latin name of gold, Aurum. The meaning of aurum is glow of sunrise or shining dawn.

Gold Element

Gold Element

Gold Facts 3: gold word

Let’s find out the origin of the word gold. It is derived from the Germanic language of ghel. The meaning of this work is yellow/green.  The name of this element proves that it has been known since the ancient time.

Gold Facts 4: origin of gold

The scientists state that gold is originated from the bombarded meteoroid on earth. This event was estimated occurred more than 200 million years ago.

Gold facts

Gold facts

Gold Facts 5: ductile material

Gold is included as a ductile material.  Gold is not only great to use as jewelry. But it is also used in textile industries. Many countries in the world produce gold thread to create embroidery on the satin or even silk fabric.

Gold Facts 6: gold thread

The gold thread is very long.  You can have the length of gold thread for about 8 kilometer or 5 miles from by stretching 28 gram or an ounce of gold.



Gold Facts 7: non toxic metal

Gold is included as a non toxic material. There are some drinks and foods created with gold metal flakes. You can eat them without being poisoned.

Gold Facts 8: high purity metallic gold

People love to use gold because it is tasteless and odorless. This metal is unreactive so that many people love to wear it as jewelry.



Gold Facts 9: usage of gold

We know that gold is often associated with symbolic and wealthy value. The application is on the radiation shielding, electrical wiring, medicine, cosmetic tools, electronic, dentistry and many more.

Gold Facts 10: pure elemental gold

The pure elemental gold is 24 karat gold. If you have the gold in 10 karat, it means you have 41.7 percent of pure gold.



If you have jewelry in 10, 14 or even 18 karat, the remaining portion of the gold will be combined with copper, zinc, platinum, iron and nickel. Are you interested with facts about gold?

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