10 Interesting Perfume Facts

Wednesday, October 8th 2014. | Fashion

If you like to know the history and types of perfume, check Perfume Facts below. In the ancient time, perfume was created from flowers and herbs. Then it was made from incense and fragrant oil. Here are more ideas about perfume for you:

Perfume Facts 1: perfume in the ancient time

The usage of perfume can be traced back in the ancient time of Egypt around 3,500 years ago. The historians find out that the Egyptians went to the Land of Punt to get the exotic aromatic. This story was depicted at the series of mural in Queen Hatshepsut’s temple in Thebes. Get facts about Hatshephut here.

Perfume Facts 2: scented mosque

To make the new mosques scented, the Arabian people would combine musk with the mortar during the middle Ages.

Perfume Blue

Perfume Blue

Perfume Facts 3: the Latin word

The word perfume was derived from the Latin language. It has the meaning through Smoke. The first usage of incense was for the ritual and prayer for the goods. But people also used it to avoid the bad smell form the drain and pleased the nerves.

Perfume Facts 4: Catherin de Medici

Catherin de Medici made perfume popular in Europe. This Italian woman who married the future king wore perfumed leather gloves. When people smelt it, they wanted it.

Perfume Facts

Perfume Facts

Perfume Facts 5: Grasse

At that time, people could get the best gloves with perfume from Grasse, France. There is no need to wonder that Grasse is called as the perfume capital in the world.

Perfume Facts 6: Paul Poiret

Paul Poiret was famous with his creativity mixing the perfume with clothes. He believed the perfume could give glamorous effect on the dress of the noble women. Therefore, he gave his customer a fragrance as a gift.

Perfume Pic

Perfume Pic

Perfume Facts 7: dress designers

There are many top label designers who have their own signature perfumes. Some of them include Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and Dior.

Perfume Facts 8: finding the right perfume

Finding the right perfume is not easy to do.  When you are at a perfume store, you should never try three different perfumes at once. It is not easy to differentiate each smell. You have to take a minute before you smell another fragrance.

Perfume Red

Perfume Red

Perfume Facts 9: ingredients of perfume

Most perfumes are created from the mixture of alcohol, water and scents.

Perfume Facts 10: the smell

The smell of perfume depends on the users. The scents produced are influenced by the chemistry for each person.



The people who have oily skin type should feel lucky because they can maintain the fragrance of the perfume longer compared to other skin types. What do you think on facts about perfume?

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