10 Interesting Fashion Facts

Tuesday, January 21st 2014. | Fashion

Fashion facts will be important for those who really concerned about the changes of fashion. The world of fashion always changes daily. The facts perhaps give you beneficial information about fashion. It will good for you.

Fashion Facts 1: the neck-ties

Neck ties are common accessories for people. The fact is that it comes from Croatia. The Croatians wore the neck ties first before any other people around the world. The people there called the accessories as cravats in the past time.

Fashion Facts 2: baggy pants

Do you know baggy pants? This kind of fashion style was originated from prisons in Los Angeles. The main reason was because any people there were restricted wearing belts. Yet, some people considered this to be a silly fashion.

Fashion  Model

Fashion Model

Fashion Facts 3: Napoleon Bonaparte

A famous French general such as Napoleon Bonaparte involved in the world of fashion. He had made an order to include buttons on jacket sleeves. The purpose was to stop his soldiers in wiping out their runny noses by using the sleeves.

Fashion Facts 4: international fashion shows

You need to know 4 major fashions shows around the world. The shows were taken place in 4 different cities. They are New York, London, Milan, and then Paris.

Fashion facts

Fashion facts

Fashion Facts 5: false eyelashes

The next fact is about false eyelashes. The first invention of false eyelashes was within 1916. The main occurrence was because of the need to boost actresses’ eyes. The producer who involved to the invention was D.W Griffith.

Fashion Facts 6: the children

It was about 200 years ago; the children didn’t have their own clothes. What they do is by wearing adult’s clothes in the small size.

Fashion for Man

Fashion for Man

Fashion Facts 7: the skirt

There is the second oldest fashion of women. It is skirt. In fact, it was the most famous garment for women.

Fashion Facts 8:  before the 1850s

It was recognized before the 1850s, the basic function of clothes were as the commodity. It was different compared to today’s purpose which is as fashion. In such era, the clothes were hand stitched.

Fashion Pic

Fashion Pic

Fashion Facts 9: modern perfume

In 1921, the modern perfume was launched. It was the first time actually. The name was Chanel No.5.

Fashion Facts 10: the vogue

Vogue is famous fashion magazine. The first issue was launched in December 1892.

Fashion Unique

Fashion Unique

The facts about Fashion are the collection of information related to the world of fashion. It will be useful for both women and men. You can even find gather more info from the internet.

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